New Sport Clips Haircuts franchisee "intrigued by the simplicity and economics" of the brand.

Curt Brantl says he's looking forward to working with Team Members to deliver on the brand experience

New Sport Clips Haircuts Team Leader (franchisee) Curt Brantl spends his days working as an operational excellence and process effectiveness professional for a healthcare entity. He's worked in operations most of his career and, like many Sport Clips franchisees, became interested in pursuing a business investment he could enjoy while remaining active in his chosen profession. For Curt and his wife, Judy Toussaint, the answer is an investor model franchise, one where Curt would become a local business owner and hire a team to conduct daily operations.

"As my career progressed, I started looking for a way I could do something in addition to the ongoing work I do leading teams," Curt says. As a longtime, satisfied client of Sport Clips he says, "I'm intrigued by the simplicity and economics of the brand." He says making this decision is a big one for his family and he likes how the franchise engages potential franchisees, "I appreciate the pace the company takes in introducing the brand. I actually had to start looking for reasons to not invest … and I couldn't find any. Every data point, from the financials to growth to philosophy and values feels really good to me." Perhaps the strongest influence for Curt was when 29 leaders in the brand, including members of the leadership team and top franchisees in the system, took the time to join his discovery call.

Also attractive to Curt is the way Sport Clips is focused, much the same way he is, on mentoring and helping people be their best. Curt says his goals for his first store’s opening and its gaining engagement will be to:

  • Consider all Team Members as partners in the delivery of the vision and mission – we're all accountable to one another
  • Listen every moment of every day
  • Understand fully that Stylists "make" the experience
  • Be optimistic and realistic
  • Support the local community

Leading up to his first store opening, he's quick to note the greatest challenge will likely be learning the business. He says, "They make it look so easy, you feel great about it. But to deliver that consistently can be complex. When you walk in, it looks and feels different from other salons. The visuals, cleanliness, and crisp-looking uniforms … the brand has synchronized it, you feel the energy and the staff really rises to that."

What he's really looking forward to is getting to know new people. He says that's one of the most exciting and nervous parts about any new venture, but it must be embraced because a year from now, he'll know at least 25 new Team Members, "I get to help them become who they want to become."
Curt's first store will be located in Brookfield, Connecticut, followed by additional stores in Danbury, Waterbury and Cheshire.

There are additional franchise opportunities in the Northeast as well as other areas of the country. To find out more visit