Franchise Five Podcasts

Sport Clips is excited to launch the Franchise Five Podcast. The Sport Clips Franchise Five was created as a platform to share information about Franchising at Sport Clips and around the industry in a simple and quick format. The intent is to focus all of the podcast sessions down to five questions and the content will be limited to 5-10 minutes maximum. There is a tremendous amount of content out there and podcast continue to gain popularity however most of us do not have 30-60 minutes to spare, so we decided it was important to provide as much value as possible is a consolidated format. We hope you enjoy hearing the stories and experience of our Sport Clips Team Leaders as well as any of our suppliers or other networking relationships in the franchise industry that agree to join us and support the franchise five. If you have any suggestions for content, please connect with us and we will do our best to schedule some time to address to each area of interest.