What would you do with $2,500?

Sport Clips Haircuts Team Leader Referral Program is offering up to $2,500 to any team member who helps find the next team leader. Could that team member be you?

When stylist Miette Daluga told her parents what a great company Sport Clips is to work for, they started asking her questions about joining the brand.  She wasn’t aware of Sport Clips’ Team Leader Referral Program until she received the $2,500 referral bonus in the mail.

To Daluga, this extra money meant she could apply to more schools to help make her dream of receiving her PhD in psychology come true. “I was so grateful to receive the extra money. Each application is $100 dollars and that extra money meant I could apply to all of my school choices without being limited by funds,” says Daluga. “It shows Sport Clips truly cares for their team members and that they want to bless those who support the brand.”

When Rod Reyes received $2,500 for referring friends and business colleagues Todd and Melissa Baines to the Sport Clips Team Leader Referral Program, he took his wife on a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

“The money was unexpected, and we decided to do something special with it. We were married in Puerto Vallarta and used to go back every year before we had kids. We used the money to take our first Puerto Vallarta trip in 10 years.”

Reyes, who owns several Sport Clips stores in New Mexico, is often asked by many people in his life what it is like being a part of the nation’s leading men’s and boys’ haircare franchise. As someone who has firsthand experience with the Sport Clips culture and proven business model, Reyes is one of the best sources of validation for the brand. And as team members so are you.  

Having been referred to the program by Reyes, new team leader Todd Baines agrees, “Hearing Rod’s experience with the brand and hearing how the culture lives out was important. We were looking for alignment between what the brand told us and what it was like being a part of it. No one is more qualified to tell us that other than someone who is a part of the day-to-day of a store.”

Whether you are a stylist, team leader, or coach, as a team member, you interact and engage with countless people every day. The MVP Experience you help create is one of Sport Clips’ strongest lead generations. So, share the Sport Clips franchise opportunity with anyone interested in creating freedom, a flexible lifestyle, and building a legacy with Sport Clips; this could be a client, a family member or friend.

It’s easy to be considered! Submit a candidate referral either via OwnASportClips.com or by calling 1-833-600-1076 and we will take it from there. If that referral is in one of our developing territories and ends up becoming a team leader, you can be eligible for up to $2,500! (For complete program rules and regulations click here.)

Be a part of Sport Clips’ growth. We can’t wait to hear what you do with the money!