Sport Clips Team Leader Profile: Todd Nichols

For new team leader Todd Nichols, a global pandemic was no reason to put off investing in a new business venture. “I was already in knee-deep, because of all the time I had spent researching,” he says, explaining his decision to move forward with the Sport Clips Haircuts franchise opportunity. “People are investing every single day. I am not getting any younger, and I have confidence in myself and my ability to get things done. I am not worried about it.”

Nichols joins Sport Clips with more than 25 years of people leadership experience, most recently as a sales director in the chemical and polymer manufacturing industry. After so many years working in corporate America, his wife encouraged him to leave that life behind and go into business for himself. “I wanted to be a senior VP; I had a big belief in corporate careers for a long time,” says Nichols of his life before entrepreneurship. Lately, though, he came around to his wife’s way of thinking. “This is the best decision I have ever made. Granted, I have not made a penny yet or opened the doors, but I got rid of personal stress and business stress—I am not stressed.”

One major reason for his calm confidence is the Sport Clips business model. “After I started looking into it, I became intrigued,” he explains. “All the reviews have been positive, and my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I just decided to jump in.” But how did he find Sport Clips in the first place? By getting his hair cut.

“I was intrigued by the business model when I started going there, because I was there by accident, to be honest with you.” Nichols’ wife is a former cosmetologist, and the Nichols family had a shampoo bowl in the basement where she would give the family haircuts. However, when she started working in education, it became increasingly difficult to schedule her services. “One day after working out, I went to Starbucks across the street. I walked out and saw a Sport Clips and got my hair cut. I have been going ever since.”

As Nichols dives into his new business, he has experienced firsthand how we are adapting to life amid the pandemic. He attended a virtual Discovery Day—which is traditionally held in person—and noted that it set the scene well for how Sport Clips embraces technology. He also applauded the well-versed knowledge of the leadership team who took part in the virtual event. “I thought it went pretty well for a first-time event,” he states. “I thought they did a very nice job.”

Nichols has been impressed with the ways Sport Clips helps set up team leaders for success. He credits the strong processes and procedures and commitment to staying on top of the latest men’s grooming trends as key advantages of the franchise. One thing truly surprised him, though. “My expectations for technology were a lot lower, and I was pleasantly surprised at how technology-driven Sport Clips is,” he says. “The use of technology is very impressive, especially for the size of the organization.”

Eager to get going, Nichols already has completed a real estate tour, which he says was helpful in analyzing which areas would ultimately be the most strategic for his business. He utilized resources from Sport Clips, as well as his own independent analysis, and realized the choice that seems obvious is not always the best one. “Before I did the analysis, I would have said the more expensive area is what I wanted, but afterwards, it would be the lower-cost location, because my fixed cost is lower,” he notes.

Ultimately, Nichols encourages anyone considering joining the Sport Clips franchise to go for it, saying it is never too early or too late to invest in yourself. “I decided to invest in myself for the first time in my life. I had never really focused on my own personal happiness,” he shares. “Best decision I ever made is focusing on myself and my ability to go into business.”

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