Growth Mindset: Becoming your Own Boss in 2020

With each new year comes the promise of new possibilities. Will 2020 be the year you finally make that leap into business ownership? It takes moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset to achieve this goal.

A fixed mindset imposes self-limiting beliefs. You may have a variety of excuses that are keeping you in your comfort zone. When you move into a growth mindset you will begin to see those excuses as opportunities for growth. Pushing beyond those limitations, you will be able to achieve more.

If becoming a business owner is a dream of yours, what are you waiting for? Here’s some tips on how to move into a growth mindset:

First start with defining your goals. Dream big! Start with the long term and work your way back to the midterm and short term. Get a clear vision of the future you want to create and look for ways to align your path with that vision. For example, you may want more freedom and flexibility with your time and finances, but your current career path does not support that. Becoming a business owner may be a way to create more of that in your life.

You will be more successful when you tie a goal to a purpose. What does being your own boss mean to you? Does it mean more time with family? Do you want to pass on a legacy of business ownership? When you time your goal to a "why," you have a greater chance of being successful.

It is also important to take an honest inventory of where you are, both personally and financially. What are your skillsets and strengths, as well as what are your weaknesses? Look to see that there is alignment with the business model you are pursuing. Will your commitments and responsibilities allow you to dedicate the upfront time needed to get a new business off the ground? Do you have the capital and are you well positioned for the financial commitments associated with starting a new business? Look closely at the minimum financial requirements of the business you are considering and budget accordingly.

After you have defined your goals, you can start formulating benchmarks to help you attain those goals. Using the SMART Goals formula of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. From there you will start to see a plan of action emerging.

Planning is good and necessary, but people often get stuck here. There comes a time when you have to act and take the first steps toward your goal. This is where having a growth mindset is very important What is your next step? Is that getting more information on that franchise opportunity? Is it setting up that appointment to talk with a franchise professional? Most people can set goals, but it takes a growth mindset to move into action.

As you move into a growth mindset, it is very important to surround yourself with other growth-minded people, people who will help push and motivate you in the direction of your goals. One of the many benefits of franchising is the power of a network, having a community of business owners who are working toward the same goal as you.

With a new year and a new decade upon us, isn’t it time to invest in yourself and your goals? Take the next step toward business ownership here.