Steve Schick, Sport Clips Haircuts franchise sales consultant

During his 21 years in franchising, Steve Schick has worked with hundreds of different brands. In those years he has gained immense expertise and knowledge of the franchise industry and has seen not all brands are created equal. “I found a lot of them didn’t concentrate on who their ideal candidate was. They would just take anyone’s money. This is the wrong approach. It doesn’t really set the franchisee up for success,” says Schick.

There was one brand Schick found to be different: Sport Clips Haircuts, the nation’s leading men’s and boys’ haircutting franchise. He says, “For Sport Clips, it is really about matching the business model with the right candidate. I really see this brand as the gold standard in how they approach franchise development. Nobody does it better than them.”

For Schick, the right match between candidate and business model is foundational. He began his career working with a large career transition franchise before moving over to the franchisor side, and during that time Schick has coached many people through the process of finding business opportunities that best aligned with their personal and financial goals. He has brought this same singular focus to his new role as sales consultant for the Northeast and Canada with Sport Clips.

When talking with franchise candidates he approaches his role as a coach. He says, “I want to have those meaningful conversations. It is important to understand what they want out of owning a business, what their goals are and what role they see themselves taking. I find personality profiles extremely helpful. When a candidate really understands their motivations and traits, they can leverage those for success in a compatible business model.”

Schick also looks for two things in particular during these conversations. “You don’t need salon experience to be successful with the Sport Clips business model, but there are two skills or qualities you do need,” he explains. “The first being leadership. You have to be able to nurture and motivate a team. Another skill is coachability. You need to be able to embrace and master the franchisor’s systems. Sport Clips has the most tied-down process of any franchisor I have seen, it is simple to implement and scale.”

There are some qualities that raise red flags for Schick, “If you are a bit of a lone ranger and want to do something on your own, this won’t be a good experience for you. You need to be a genuine system follower. You also have to have the mind of an entrepreneur and not someone who wants to be in the store all the time. This is not about getting a job, it is about building a business.”

When it came to joining the Sport Clips team, Schick knew the brand aligned with his own goals and values. “With 21 years in franchising, I know the quality and value propositions of many brands. Sport Clips is easy to work with,” he says. “You see it in their Franchise Disclosure Document, there is not a lot of onerous language. The culture truly starts from the top down. It is all about nurturing their franchisees and helping them be successful.”

Schick is bringing his expertise and vast franchise experience to coach franchise candidates in the northeast and Canada through the Sport Clips discovery process and to help determine if this is the right fit for them. For the right candidates, this opportunity could mean greater freedom and financial stability in a fun salon environment.

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