ABC’s of Franchising: Strategies for Recruitment and Retention

High value and long-term employees are vital to a business’ bottom line. Turnover is expensive and can lead to problems such as low morale and decreased productivity. Your effectiveness, or lack thereof, in this area could mean the difference between failure and success.

Doug Porter, Sport Clips Haircuts multiunit franchisee, understands this very well. “Happy managers and team members will lead to happy clients and returning and loyal clients,” he exclaims. 

The issue of recruiting and retention is likely something that is top of mind in when considering whether to invest in a franchise. While essential employment decisions are the sole responsibility of the franchisee, a good franchisor will continually look for ways to leverage their reputation, insights and experience in the industry for the benefit of their franchisees. 

Here are a few ways a franchisor might set a franchisee up for success in the area of recruiting and retention.

The brand has positioned itself to become the employer of choice in their industry.

Above all, employees want to feel valued, supported and challenged. Carefully consider the work environment.  Is it fun and comfortable? Are there opportunities for advancement? Is there a viable career path for employees?

“It has been very rewarding seeing our team members successes – from buying their first home or car to growing their families,” says Dan and Angie Roberts, Sport Clips multiunit franchisees.

Look at the brand’s overall culture. Are the brand’s overall vision, mission, and values simple and clearly defined? Sport Clips Haircuts’ values statement is a prime example of this. David Miller, a Sport Clips multi-unit franchisee says, “The most important thing are the Sport Clips values – do the right thing, do your best and treat others how they want to be treated.”  

Look for consistency from the top down; from leadership to franchisees to their employees.  Item 20 in the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document can provide some clues to the company’s “personality” and its relationship with their franchisees.

Ask yourself if you have the ability and support necessary to create a positive store culture, one where employees want to work. “As a leader, it takes energy, passion and engagement.  It’s all about the team,” explains Rick Ohle, multi-unit franchisee with Sport Clips. Val Hill, another Sport Clips multi-unit franchisee adds, “This is a people business and you have to love working with people.”   

Implementation of strategies to spread brand awareness throughout their industry.

Does the brand have a digital and social media recruiting presence? What is the brand doing to create a widespread pool of potential employees for franchisees to pull from? Sport Clips’ Ambassador Program and Artistic Team are good examples of spreading awareness on a widescale. Forming relationships with beauty schools, the Ambassador Program allows Sport Clips to educate students on how the brand creates a viable career path for stylists before they even enter the workforce. And with its Artistic Team, it demonstrates its ability to remain relevant and ahead of trends. Both are effective strategies in spreading brand awareness.

Automated hiring tools and resources for franchisees

What tools and resources, if any, does the brand have to help you choose the right team for your business? Has the brand dedicated resources to improving applicant experience and response? Technology has changed the hiring landscape, so brands need to adapt to stay competitive. Is there a branded career page portal? Has the brand incorporated the latest technologies and trends in hiring to effectively reach top talent?  

Sport Clips uses assistive technology to automate and improve the recruiting process in its career website, as well as in its traditional, digital and social campaigns. This tool is helping franchisees exceed their hiring goals in reduced time.  This is just one of the ways the brand uses the latest technology and best practices available for the benefit of its franchisees.

When you invest in a franchise, you are able to leverage the brand’s power for the benefit of your business. If a brand has positioned itself as an employer of choice, implemented strategies to spread brand awareness, and provided automated hiring tools, it can set franchisees up for greater success in one of the most crucial elements of business ownership, recruiting and retention.