Sport Clips Team Leader Profile & 2019 Logan Trophy Winner Jeff Crummie

These days, Jeff Crummie’s life looks a lot different than it did a few years ago. Today he is a multi-unit Sport Clips Haircuts franchise owner whose lifestyle allows he and his wife, Sherry, to go on vacations and adventures they had once only dreamed about, all while building a stable and growing business.

After 25 years working in the tech industry as a management consultant, Crummie parlayed his experience into becoming a life coach and motivational speaker. “I was speaking to high school students and unemployed people about being the architect of their future and realized I should listen to my own advice,” he recalls.

Wanting more freedom and flexibility, the Crummies began to assess their situation. Crummie says, “We didn’t want to have to live off of our savings, we knew we needed a way to generate a residual income.”

This led the Crummies to consider franchising as a path to achieve their retirement goals. After an extensive search that included researching more than 50 different brands, Crummie decided a semi-absentee business model fit the couple’s lifestyle and goals.

In addition to a flexible business model, Crummie wanted to get into an industry he could get excited about and work in a fun environment. “I just couldn’t get excited about water and fire restoration or pet grooming. Sport Clips stood out to me. The sports theme is fun, and I enjoyed the positive interaction with clients that comes from the championship experience.”

Crummie also liked the stability of the haircutting industry, saying, “Hair grows all the time and haircutting isn’t something that can be outsourced. It is a stable industry.”

Despite having no industry knowledge, the more Crummie learned about the brand, the more he felt confident he could be successful with the Sport Clips model. “It was clear there’s a solid system in place,” he explains. “There is plenty of support, all we had to do was follow the system. They give you everything you need to be successful.”

As a franchise owner, Crummie has successfully scaled his business to five high performing and award-winning stores. Last month at the company’s annual national convention in Las Vegas, Crummie was presented “The Logan Trophy”, the brand’s top award. It is given each year to a Sport Clips’ franchise owner and team who have achieved the highest standards in championship client services resulting in superior growth in services and retail sales, client counts and average service tickets.

Of his win, Crummie says, “I attribute our success to our dedicated, committed, and conscientious team members. They have created a fun environment and consistently provide an outstanding championship experience the clients love. Clients just keep coming back for more!”

As Sport Clips franchise owners, the Crummies have achieved many of their personal and financial goals, all while creating a business they enjoy. Now that they’ve established a successful business, they’re ready to travel the world. “This year Sherry and I have been to the Caribbean twice and in a couple weeks we will be visiting Peru,” Crummie says. “This fall we are also going on a European river cruise. My biggest problem these days is making sure I have a Wi-Fi connection so I can do payroll. I have the freedom, flexibility and financial stability to choose where. I prefer the beach!”

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