Journey to Success Part 3: Signing to Grand Opening

New Sport Clips Haircuts team leaders benefit from a comprehensive and robust support system right out of the gates, starting with finding an optimal site and continuing through the grand opening and beyond. Sport Clips is committed to its team leaders’ success and has created the infrastructure and support to help guide you toward your personal and financial goals.

Following signing, a call or meeting with a Regional Director or Area Developer will take place to discuss next steps. A streamlined process with timelines and checkpoints shortens the learning curve, allowing new stores to become self-sustaining and generate revenue more quickly.

Site Selection

With the help and guidance of leading real estate professionals, you will begin to search for a store site once you become a franchisee. After touring prospective sites and finding a potential location, an approval process takes place. Because the location of a store is so important to its overall profitability, all store sites must meet specific criteria established by Sport Clips. These criteria have come from more than 25 years of success, represented in the brand’s exceptional continuity rate.

After an optimal site has been approved, the next step is to negotiate a letter of intent (LOI) and then subsequently execute the lease. Sport Clips has extensive relationships with preferred vendors and provides these connections to franchisees. These vendors are leaders in their field and have a keen understanding of the Sport Clips business model.

One such vendor is Marian Young of Millennium Management Group. She works exclusively with Sport Clips team leaders as a real estate consultant, and is an invaluable resource, especially to team leaders who are new to commercial leases or would like further guidance from a professional with experience in executing and negotiating leases. Read more about Marian here.


After your lease is executed, you will move on to construction. Sport Clips has a detailed timeline of this process and tasks that should be completed along the way. This meticulous and refined schedule was designed to break down daunting to-do lists into manageable action items, thereby minimizing delays.

During this time, you will order licenses and equipment, and establish business insurance and accounting infrastructure. Once construction physically begins, a grand opening date will be set, usually 10 weeks out or more. Marketing for your store then begins with the help of a grand opening support team that will work with you to develop a comprehensive and multi-layered plan.


While construction is underway, team leaders will also benefit from broad and in-depth training. Most of this training is self-paced and can fit around a team leader’s schedule, with a couple of training camps team leaders attend at the Sport Clips Support Center in Texas. The Team Leader Orientation Process takes about 75 hours to complete.

During training, team leaders will participate in Sport Clips University, classroom training, reviewing websites, watching videos, and putting documents and plans together. Manager Training Camp takes place over a four-day period in your local/regional training center and typically occurs 20-24 weeks prior to the grand opening while Team Leader Training Camp is held over five days in Georgetown, Texas, and is usually 16-20 weeks out before the grand opening.


A good manager and a strong team of stylists are vital to a store’s success. As an employer of choice for the stylist community, Sport Clips can attract quality candidates. Sport Clips has worked to spread brand awareness and culture among stylists through its Ambassador Program. Read more about that program here.

A timeline of tasks, such as beauty and barber school calls and hiring events, will help you reach your goal of hiring a manager five weeks prior to opening with the goal of having the full team on board two weeks prior to your store’s opening.


With guidance from a grand opening specialist, marketing plans are finalized five weeks before opening. During this time, a team leader will typically spend three-to-five hours a week on marketing calls, emails and administrative tasks. Such tasks include setting up social media accounts, ordering marketing materials, sending press releases and distributing coupons.


As your grand opening preparation draws to a close, you will shift focus to preparing operationally. In the two weeks leading up to opening, two days a week will be spent in the store for team and operations training. During this time, the point of sale system is installed.

Grand Opening!

Next Steps

Realistically, the individual start-up period will likely require more time and dedication up front, but a typical week for an established store owner can include:

  • Review numbers from previous week to set action plan ~ 1 hour per store
  • Meet with managers to set goals and facilitate a fun working environment ~ 2 hours per store
  • Marketing ~ 2 hours per store
  • Time in store ~ 2 hours per store
  • Payroll ~ 1 hour per store
  • Scheduling ~ 1 hour per store
  • Recruiting and Hiring ~ 1 hour per store

Quarterly Leadership meetings in the local market, as well as an annual conference, give store owners the opportunity to network with other team leaders and fosters collective ideas and learning.

With Sport Clips’ five-year freedom plan, you can expect to open your second and third stores within a three-to-five-year time frame, all with the support of a franchise system that is committed to your success. With more than 25 years of experience and proven success, Sport Clips has created a business model that works and the infrastructure to help you reach your personal and financial goals.