New Sport Clips Team Leaders: Rob and Tina Brodersen

When a corporate merger resulted in Rob’s executive level position being eliminated, the Brodersens took a close look at their family’s future. They realized it was time to invest in their future by diversifying and expanding their portfolio.

“With our youngest child turning 16 years old, I wasn’t needed around the house the same way anymore. I was ready to get back into work, not necessarily full-time though. I still needed to keep some flexibility for my family,” says Tina.

Because Tina had a background in the restaurant industry, the pair discussed investing in a bar and restaurant. Tina comments, “We talked about this for years but the success rate in that industry is not great. That was concerning.”

She continues, “I had also flipped a few houses over the years, but the real estate market can be unpredictable. We wanted to invest in something we could grow over the years that was less dependent on the ups and downs of the market.”

They decided they wanted to invest in a business model that came with the backing of a franchise. “Franchising really appealed to us because of the systems and support that comes with it and being part of an established brand. It minimized the risk that comes with opening a business because the business model has already been proven to work,” says Rob.  

Initially, Rob and Tina considered a quick serve restaurant franchise model, but soon ruled it out. Tina explains, “We felt there was a lot of risk in the food industry. People’s taste buds can easily change and when the economy takes a downturn, eating out is usually the first thing people cut from their budgets. We wanted something that was more recession-proof.”

The pair also ruled out a healthcare business model. “The model did not offer much flexibility and it just didn’t feel like the right fit for our lifestyle,” she says.

One brand that kept coming up in their research was Sport Clips Haircuts. Rob comments, “The brand’s continuity rate really impressed us. It was a sign to us that this was a good investment. Sport Clips has a good consistent track record of success.”

From their involvement with youth sports to the corporate world, sports have always been an important part of the Brodersen family’s life. Rob had been a vice president with a sports apparel retailer and coached his kids’ little league teams over the years. Tina was a swim coach and gave private swim lessons.  

 “The sports theme piqued our interest, but it was more than just that,” explains Tina.” The team culture and community involvement are things that have always been important to us, so we found alignment with Sport Clips’ values system.”

Rob continues, “The manager-led business model also fit our personal and financial business goals. It gives Tina the flexibility to balance home obligations and me the freedom to pursue other employment as we build our business together.”

“We also like the idea that we are building a legacy that we can pass on to our kids,” adds Tina.

Recently attending Sport Clips’ Discovery Day, the Brodersens’ decision to invest in the brand was solidified. “It is evident Sport Clips is dedicated to franchisee success. They took their time to ensure this was a good match for us. The entire process was very transparent. Honestly, we had a hard time coming up with any questions to ask. Every question we came in with was answered in the presentation,” Tina says.

Rob adds, “We appreciate that we don’t have to know everything about haircutting. Our manager will be important to our success and Sport Clips has support to help us find the right fit. But beyond the comprehensive grand opening support, we have validated that support is ongoing. I can’t say enough about that; we are not alone in this.”

Having set realistic, long-term goals, the pair will be opening their first store in the west central Florida market. Rob says, “Tina and I are very excited to become part of a winning team and are passionate about being able to deliver the MVP experience to our future clients.”

Learn more about how Sport Clips can help you reach your personal and financial goals and follow in the steps of the Brodersens.