Sport Clips Team Leaders: Rod & Jodi Reyes

Over the years, Rod and Jodi Reyes have built an impressive business portfolio. Like many others, they turned to entrepreneurship to create financial security in a time of economic uncertainty.

Rod, a mortgage banker before the market decline in the early 2000s, says, “I started to notice the writing on the wall. I could see how Wall Street was trending and the numbers weren’t adding up. I knew we had to find another way to provide for our future.”

To escape the ill-fated mortgage industry, Reyes opened an insurance business with multiple offices. From there, he began to consider his mid- and long-term lifestyle and financial goals. Growing his business portfolio with franchising best aligned with these goals.

Reyes considered his options and looked at a variety of franchise offerings. “We examined everything but food. Others had warned me that if I went into that industry, I could expect to work a lot of hours and need to be very hands on,” Reyes explains.

“The finicky nature of that industry, as trends come and go, didn’t sit well with me either. With high employee turnover rates and the number of hoops owners have to jump through with all the licensing involved all just told me it wasn’t for me.”

Reyes found a manager-led business model aligned with the type of ownership he and Jodi were looking for. Reyes was able to narrow down his search to two brands in the service sector. One being a massage and spa franchise and the other being Sport Clips Haircuts.

“The more I learned about Sport Clips and its culture, the more we wanted in. It’s different from other brands. The culture really puts it above all the others,” Reyes says. “It starts with the passion the Logan family has for their company and it goes all the way down. Team members are excited to share their passion for the brand. It is a very special thing and something we wanted to be a part of.”

When Reyes initially inquired about Sport Clips, his market was not available. “Since the timing wasn’t right, we moved forward with the massage and spa brand, but we were always looking for our opportunity to get in with Sport Clips.”

Over the next few years, Reyes and his wife opened multiple spa locations. As they reached a level of sustainability, an opportunity to open a Sport Clips store in their market presented itself. “We had been waiting for our chance to join Sport Clips, so we jumped at the chance. The brand’s manager-run business model gives us the flexibility we needed to maintain our other businesses while scaling this one.”

Most importantly to Reyes is that they can scale on their own terms. “At this point in our lives we know what we want. We can set our own goals that make sense for our lives and accomplish them with Sport Clips. We are able make our business what we want it to be.”

Having worked with multiple brands, including a brief involvement with a trending fitness franchise, Reyes learned a valuable lesson, “Work with a brand that has a track record of success, one that has already proven itself. Otherwise the learning curve is too steep.”

For Reyes, the key to being a successful business owner lies in the strength of one’s team. “Finding and keeping quality team members who love what they do should be a top priority. Focus on building a positive in-store culture, a place where people want to work, and the culture of this brand is something people are passionate about.”

With seven Sport Clips locations and plans for the eighth underway, in addition to their other businesses, Rod and Jodi are creating financial freedom and flexibility. Through business ownership they have taken control of their future and are achieving their personal and financial goals.

Recently, the pair got an unexpected windfall. After referring a fellow franchisee to Sport Clips, they received a referring bonus from the brand’s Team Leader Referral Program. “I didn’t even give a second thought about referring the Bains to Sport Clips. We have the same value system and are cut from the same cloth. I knew Sport Clips was a good match for them. I just spoke to them about our experience and how much we love being a part of this brand.”

With the bonus money they took a trip to Puerta Vallarta, a place that held special meaning to the couple as they were married there. “We were surprised when we got that bonus. We had actually forgotten about the program. Along with the check was a note from CEO and Founder Gordon Logan. It’s the little things that mean a lot, but this is just how the brand is and why we are with it.”

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