Journey to Success: Part 2 Sport Clips Discovery Process

You may ask yourself, can you trust the process as you begin your due diligence into a Sport Clips Haircuts franchise opportunity? For more than 25 years, Sport Clips has been a leader in creating a discovery process characterized by education and transparency with the goal to help both the franchise candidate and the brand identify whether Sport Clips is a mutually beneficial fit.

Sport Clips’ mission is for owners to achieve their highest potential and this starts with an unwavering commitment to award licenses only to qualified candidates. This focus has set the brand apart in franchising and resulted in an extraordinary continuity rate of 93.87% over the last five years.

Before you begin your discovery process consider these two important factors. First, define your mid-term and long-term personal and business goals to determine if this offering is the vehicle that has the potential to achieve those goals. Second, trust but verify information as you go through the process. You will be able to do this through reviewing the FDD, meeting with the Operational Support team, talking to current franchisees and ultimately attending Discovery Day. Through those steps, you can approach the process with a discerning eye and determine consistency at every level, from operations to owners to leadership.

So, what does Sport Clips’ discovery process look like? Divided into six steps, the process typically takes around 25 to 50 days.

Step 1: Take a Sneak Peek

After you fill out the online inquiry form requesting a conversation, you will receive a link to the Sport Clips Virtual Brochure. This online brochure includes information about the ownership process and explains the brand and offering in detail. A Franchise Recruitment Specialist will be assigned to you and is available to answer any of your initial questions. These specialists are a tremendous resource to help get you started on your journey toward financial and personal freedom.

Step 2: Tell Us a Little About Yourself

To get started on this journey, we want to get to know you a little better and ask you to complete an online Candidate Profile, which helps evaluate your qualifications as a potential Team Leader (franchisee). After you complete the brief assessment, you and your Franchise Recruitment Specialist will have a chance to address any further questions. At this time, you will schedule an appointment with your area’s Franchise Development Representative, who will be your facilitator throughout the entire discovery process.

Step 3: Evaluate the Fit

You will have a series of meetings with your Franchise Development Representative to evaluate whether Sport Clips is a good fit for your goals. The vast majority of Sport Clips franchise candidates do not come from a salon or hair care background and frankly, “don’t know what they don’t know.” These meeting are focused to help you understand what you are asking about so you will learn what you can expect from Sport Clips and what the brand will expect from you. The entire process is designed for transparency, with the goal of ensuring your questions are answered satisfactorily.

This is also a chance for the Sport Clips team to get to know more about your background, experience, skill sets, and goals. By the end of Step 3, we should each have a fairly good idea if we have a potential fit.

As part of these meetings, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This legal document provides a wealth of information, from the health of the system to certain practices of the brand. Use the FDD to help guide your validation and inform your questions, helping you make an educated decision. For further information on how to use the FDD in your validation process, click here.

Step 4: Trust but Verify – Validation

As you go through the rigorous evaluation process, we hope we gain your confidence in our franchise model and system, but we want you to have more than just our word. Talk to the team leaders who came before you and see how it has worked out for them. Find out how Sport Clips has helped many people just like you fulfill their personal and professional goals. We’ll put you in contact with other Team Leaders so you can connect with them. This is also when the operations interview takes place, and you will have the opportunity to speak with the operations team.

Step 5: Discovery Day

Any championship sports team has great leadership and a strong front office. Discovery Day is a chance for you to meet the people responsible for supporting the stores and get a good feel for the team you will be potentially partnering with. Our Leadership Team will be engaged throughout Discovery Day and you will have opportunities to ask them questions directly. Even if you have a spouse who will not be directly involved in the business, it is important they attend Discovery Day with you. This is invaluable in ensuring everyone is on the same page and helps your spouse/partner fully understand the culture and values of the brand.

Step 6: Award the Franchise

Immediately following Discovery Day, the Leadership Team will review your application and make a final determination on awarding licenses. You will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours as to whether we feel Sport Clips will be a good fit for you and for us. If approved, you will then move forward with signing the franchise agreement, after a mandatory Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seven-day waiting period. Finally, we all get to work on helping you build a business that propels you on your path toward attaining your personal and financial goals.

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