Achieve Your Personal and Financial Goals with Franchise Ownership

For Dan Roberts and his wife Angie, family time is very important. While working in medical sales, Roberts found himself constantly on the road or on call. With two small children, he wanted to be home more so he could be more involved in their lives. Together, Roberts and his wife began to look at how they could create more flexibility and financial freedom for their family.

The Roberts began to see franchising as the best way to achieve their personal and financial goals. “We didn’t have time to come up with our own concept or business model. It’s all laid out for you in franchising,” says Roberts.  The pair took their decision to invest seriously, and even attended night courses at their local community college to better educate themselves on how franchising worked.

“One of the takeaways we got from that course was to select a franchise that fits your lifestyle. For us that meant one that gave us the freedom and flexibility to spend more quality time with our family,” comments Roberts.

He adds, “We didn’t want to buy a job. We wanted something we could build over time. A semi-absentee business model fit our goals best.”

Having been a Sport Clips Haircuts client himself, Roberts thought about how comfortable he felt there. Taking a closer look at the business model, he and Angie found alignment with the brand. “The manager-led structure would allow us to work on our business rather than in it. Hiring a manager to run the daily operations of the store would allow Angie, who at the time stayed home with our kids, to develop the business from home.” 

In 2007, the Roberts opened their first store in Omaha, Nebraska. Both Dan and Angie had degrees in marketing and Angie had experience in managing a sales team. They found those skills transferrable to their new roles as team leaders (franchisees). “We never asked our team to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves,” says Roberts.

Living true to the core values of the Sport Clips brand, the Roberts strive to do what’s right, do what’s best and to always treat others the way they want to be treated. Their dedication to excellence, team building efforts and hard work has served them well, as their stores are among the top performers in the Sport Clips network.

The Roberts attribute much of their success to their team, saying “We have been successful because we have a great team. Many of them have been around since we opened our first store. Without our team, there would be no clients. It is important to treat them well.”

In 2017, the Roberts were awarded the Logan Trophy at Sport Clips’ annual National Huddle. One of Sport Clips’ top awards, it recognizes their achievement of highest standards in championship client services, resulting in superior growth in services and retail sales, client counts and average service tickets.

Today, the Roberts have eight high-performing stores, and Dan was even able to make the decision to quit his stressful day job and focus his time entirely on their business. Of the transition, Roberts says, “My wife and I enjoy working together, and I have more time to participate in my kids’ activities. That is priceless.”

He concludes, “If you had told us we would have eight stores when we first started, we wouldn’t have believed you. Sport Clips is a great company and you can be successful here if you follow the system.”

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