Meet New Sport Clips Team Leader in New Jersey: Tracy Hoffman

Owning their own business has always been a shared dream of the Hoffmans. One day, during her hour and a half commute to her job as a business solutions manager, Tracy decided it was time to do something about it.

After assessing their situation, Tracy says, “Bryan and I felt we were at a good place in our lives and finances to make this happen.  Our kids are getting older and we wanted more flexibility in our lifestyle.”

Accepting a part-time position with her company, Tracy was ready to take on building a business, with the encouragement and support of her husband, a finance professional. “Neither my husband nor I had any sort of entrepreneurial experience, so we felt franchising would be a good place to start,” says Tracy. 

Together, the Hoffmans began to look for business models that best aligned with their goals while allowing Tracy to keep her job, as the franchise would primarily be her responsibility. Right away they ruled out quick serve restaurants, with Tracy saying, “We knew we did not want to get into the food industry and all the headache that comes with that, such as all the overhead costs and employee turnover.”  

Sport Clips Haircuts quickly caught the pair’s attention. Tracy explains, “We first learned of Sport Clips as clients. My husband and son had a great experience there. It’s a fun place and we love the atmosphere. The business model and management style alignment with our skills. I am not a person who rules with an iron fist, so the “we” team culture was exactly what we were looking for.”

She continues, “My skills and experience will transfer well to my role as team leader. I have experience in management and training. I have hired and fired. I maintain an ‘open-door’ policy with my employees, and this is in alignment with the Sport Clips team culture. I am excited about the marketing aspect of the business as well.”

Tracy feels confident about her decision to invest in Sport Clips, in part because of the thorough discovery process the brand uses. She says, “I found the discovery process to be very informative. I felt prepared to make this decision. I called other team leaders to learn about their experience. With each person that I spoke to, I found the team culture extends throughout. It stays true.”

Adding, “I appreciated that the process was about looking at whether this was a good fit for us, rather than just making a sale. There had to be alignment with values and goals. The entire process was about transparency as well.”

For the Hoffmans, investing in Sport Clips is more than just part of their long-term retirement plan, it is a chance for them to build a legacy for their family. “The family values of the brand were something that we especially found synergy with. With the family atmosphere, I feel comfortable bringing the kids into the store. We are excited to include our kids in this journey.” 

Looking ahead to the future and retirement, Tracy comments, “We feel we will be getting ahead of the game by investing in Sport Clips. Creating more financial stability and flexibility in our family’s lifestyle was what motivated us to take action.”