Krystle Sierras: Brand Ambassador with a Passion for Helping Others Achieve Success

Krystle Sierras is an industry-leading beauty professional. She is a member of the Sport Clips Haircuts Artistic Team and works as a technical coach and area manager. She has a strong reputation within the beauty industry and recently appeared as a beauty expert on a national television make-over competition. Her career has gone far beyond what she had imagined as a student in cosmetology school.

“I never thought I would have as many opportunities for career development as I do here. Just when I think I have hit the top there is always another opportunity. Sport Clips’ system is one of a kind,” says Sierras.

While attending the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school, Sierras had a different idea of what her career path would look like. Originally thinking she would go into bridal hair and makeup, she envisioned working in a trendy full-service salon. As a newlywed entering the real world, she quickly realized she did not have the resources or time to dedicate to building a profitable client base.

Sierras comments, “Oftentimes it can take one to two years to be making consistent money. High-end salons can be competitive and there is a lot of cattiness that comes along with that. I wanted a positive working environment where I could make money right away.”

Through one of Sport Clips’ multifaceted recruitment initiatives, Sierras attended a presentation about careers with the brand in her last month of school. She says, “The ambassador talked about the incredible benefits and bonuses Sport Clips’ stylists receive. The brand’s values also really resonated with me. It sounded too good to be true.

“A lot of new stylists don’t realize the benefits that come with working with a franchise, I know I didn’t. Once you really look at it though, the pay plan talks. They pay for training and you can get behind the chair right away and start making money. This is unique in the salon industry. In a full-service salon, you often have to shadow a stylist for a period of time before you make anything.”

The pay plan and brand’s values were enough to convince Sierras and right after graduation, she went to work for a Sport Clips store in Pennsylvania. She quickly worked her way to store manager, then to area manager. “I moved up this fast because I stuck to the pay plan and cutting system. They have made everything to where you succeed just by following the system,” she explains.

Around this time, Sierras personal life came to a crossroads. She and her husband made the decision to relocate from Pennsylvania to Texas to be closer to family. Because Sport Clips is nationwide Sierras was able to transfer to a new position within the brand. She comments, “I really appreciate that I was able to do what was right for my family and still continue to work for this incredible brand. That wouldn’t have been an option in a different kind of salon.”

In her roles as both technical coach and area manager, Sierras oversees more than 30 stores in Texas and Florida. She says, “I can provide for my family. I have such a passion for this brand. Sport Clips took me in as a brand-new stylist and gave me so many opportunities.”

Adding to her credentials, Sierras is also on the brand’s elite Artistic Team. “I think every person in cosmetology school dreams of being a platform artist. Having an artistic team shows that the brand is on the cutting edge of the industry and gives a sort of ‘street credibility’, if you will. For me, being on the artistic team is really a dream come true.”

Recently, another dream came true for Sierras. She was featured on the national television show, “The Look: All Stars.” Hosted by TV personality Tori Spelling and style guru Kim Vo, the competition features two teams of beauty and fashion experts performing head-to-toe makeovers. Sierras was her team’s leader, and they went on to win the competition. “I really relied on my Sport Clips training on that show. Stick to the system and you will succeed.”

For Sierras, the best part about being a stylist is the people. She says, “I love helping people and helping them feel good about themselves. I am happy to be a part of a company where I can live out this passion.”