Sport Clips Team Leader Profile: Jeremy Aydell

As a certified public accountant, Jeremy Aydell spent his days poring over what felt like endless financial statements. “One day I realized I had no desire to become a partner at my firm. I wasn’t excited about accounting anymore,” he recalls.

He continues, “I did a lot of auditing in my work and I saw what went on behind the scenes of a business. Talking to all these entrepreneurs about their business sparked something in me. I wanted to build something of my own.”

Around the same time, the economy took a downturn and Aydell saw a lot of jobs being outsourced. It motivated him to seek greater financial stability, outside of the corporate world.

Aydell began to explore franchise opportunities to reach his entrepreneurial goals. “At the time I was a little risk averse and didn't see myself as very creative, so I wanted a proven business model rather than starting something on my own.”

During his search, Sport Clips Haircuts kept coming up, and the idea of keeping his job while building a business was appealing to him. “Everyone needs haircuts,” says Aydell. “This is a service that cannot be outsourced. I felt it could stand the test of time, weathering any economy.”

Looking closer at the brand, Aydell visited the Sport Clips location near his home. He recalls, “I was very impressed by my personal client experience. I felt confident that I could follow the business model, given the right tools. It all felt like a good fit.”

When he decided to become a team leader, Aydell set a big goal for himself. “I jumped in with the goal to quit my corporate job by the age of 35. I am happy to report that in 2016, I left the corporate world on solid ground,” says Aydell.

Today, Aydell is in the process of opening his 15th store in Louisiana, with plans to open two more in 2019. Seventeen stores in under nine years as a team leader is a great accomplishment, not to mention rapid growth. “Sport Clips’ effective manager led model structure has been the reason we have been able to scale at this rate,” he explains. “It is so important to invest in your managers.”

Investing in his team is a priority for Aydell as a team leader. He says, “Helping stylists grow professionally and personally has been the most rewarding aspect of this job. Just looking at the math of it, they are not likely to get the same stability, consistent paycheck or benefits with any other concept or working for themselves. Seeing them be able to provide for themselves, buy a car or qualify for a home loan is the best feeling. Sport Clips makes this possible.”

Aydell has plenty to share with anyone considering becoming a team leader. “Talk to other team leaders. Ask about their challenges. This opportunity is not for everyone. The more time you put into building your business, the more successful you will be,” Aydell states. “But you have to put in the time. Having a second person on board, be it a spouse or business partner, is ideal. This is not a get rich quick scheme; you are building something here.”

Aydell ends with this piece of advice for new team leaders, “Trust the system and use the resources available to you. In the past I have fought back on certain things, such as real estate, but in the end, I realized they were right. You can’t fix a bad location. They really do have my best interests at heart. Trust their experience and expertise.”

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