New Team Leader Profile: John Curran

Finding himself at a career crossroads, John Curran was ready to make a big lifestyle change. He knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur, however Curran wasn’t sure what that would look like. Compelled to action, he retired from his corporate job as a sales and marketing executive and began his search for just the right business.

Curran realizes his decision to retire from a secure job before knowing what his next step would be was bold. “It’s easy to lull yourself into staying in your comfort zone another three to six months,” Curran says. “And before you know it, years have gone by. Sometimes you just have to make the decision and jump.”

Curran then had to decide what type of business he wanted to invest in. He looked at several different business models, including an existing small business, a start up and a few franchises. Eventually, he decided franchising best fit his personal and financial goals.

“In the corporate world I helped businesses build or optimize their systems. It takes a lot of trial and error. I wasn’t interested in reinventing the wheel. Finding a business model with a system that was already tested and proven appealed to me,” says Curran. 

After narrowing his search to franchising, Curran defined his criteria for his ideal opportunity. He wanted a business model built on cash flow and recurring revenue, rather than long term capital gains. He did not want to deal with long term receivable and high-volume inventory. The industry had to be relatively recession-proof and not easily be outsourced or automated. The brand had to be established and have stood the test of time. And finally, it had to be something that was scalable, providing the framework to grow.

Two industries stood out to Curran during his search, health and fitness and haircutting. He eventually ruled out the health and fitness industry. Citing its fickle nature, he says, “Trends tend to go hot and then cold in that industry. Some new trend could leave your particular setup obsolete. I didn’t want to take that chance.”

Once he decided on the haircutting industry, Sport Clips Haircuts was the standout choice. “I love the Sport Clips concept. As a client, I found the experience exceptional.”

“They really know their customers and focus on providing an experience tailored to them. They don’t try to be everything to everybody and that is how they are able to be great for their target demographic. This creates client loyalty.”

Finding alignment with his established business model criteria, Curran also found the manager-led structure appealing. “I appreciate that I can build this business on the side. Not having to be in the store all day, I have the flexibility to maintain other commitments,” he explains.   

Living in Seattle, Washington at the time, Sport Clips’ market availability in the greater Jacksonville, FL area worked with Curran’s plan to be closer to his family in Florida.  Currently, he plans to open his first two stores in the next six months.

“Having the support to guide me through the commercial real estate and site selection stage has been invaluable. Jessica and the real estate team is fantastic,” comments Curran. “She helped me identify numerous viable location options. Together, we went through and determined which of those were the most optimal. Sport Clips actively supports its team leaders every step of the way.

 “The infrastructure is there. You do not have to create something from scratch. That goes a long way in shortening the learning curve, accelerating the path to success. Sport Clips’ support and expertise empower team leaders to scale. I believe this is a winning formula, helping me get to a higher level of success.”

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