How Team Leader Shaun Norton Found Success Rapidly Scaling His Business

Shaun Norton, Sport Clips Haircuts team leader, will open his 14th store this December. However, up until just a couple of years ago, he had only one store. In 2017 alone, Norton opened or acquired a total of eight stores. “The manager led structure of the Sport Clips business model gave me the freedom and stability needed to be able to scale at such a rapid pace,” says Norton.

After the opening of his first store in August 2013, the search for Norton’s next location took longer than expected. He recalls, “I was so eager to open more stores. I even tried to move forward on some sites that were less than ideal. After some back and forth with the real estate department, I took their advice and didn’t try to push a site that wasn’t right.”

Norton bided his time wisely and began to lay the infrastructure for future growth. He took the time to learn the Sport Clips system and how to implement it within his store’s four walls. Norton also made the decision to hire an area manager, something many team leaders consider only once they have several stores under their belt.

“Scaling to multiple locations was my plan from the beginning. Hiring an area manager so early on allowed her to really learn the ins and outs of the system,” he explains. “As a business owner you can’t do everything yourself, you have to delegate. Having the right managers in place is so important. Angela, our area manager, never missed a beat when we added more stores because she knew and followed the system.”

While it may have taken three years to find a site for his second store, in the following three years he scaled to 13 stores. Norton’s approach of investing up front to put the right people in place has been a major factor in his success as a team leader. By leaning into the system, he has able to keep pace with his growth.

One store in particular has seen a significant turnaround in performance since Norton acquired it. Looking closely at the store’s scheduling, Norton saw it was too understaffed to meet client demand. “The lines were too long, clients were walking out before getting their haircut. By restricting hours, the previous team leader may have been trying to keep costs down, but in the end lost money because it turned clients away,” he says.

By focusing on client experience and investing in the right people, Norton has been able to maximize his store’s revenue. Having spent the time up front to understand the Sport Clips system and how to apply it within the four walls with just one store, scaling from one to 14 in such a short amount of time has been possible.

Norton concludes, “I set some pretty aggressive goals for myself in terms of growth and the Sport Clips business model set the framework for me to achieve them. It has taken consistency and hard work to keep up with this growth. The support and foundation were there, I just had to implement it.”

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