Meet Bay Area Sport Clips Team Leader: Satheesh Rangappan

Highly focused and driven, Satheesh Rangappan approaches everything he does with a commitment to excellence. He believes in delivering the highest quality product or service, whether it be as owner of a software solutions company or in his real estate ventures. This commitment is also what led him to become one of Sport Clips Haircuts' newest team leaders in California’s Bay Area.

Rangappan describes his business philosophy this way, “Investing in the highest quality upfront, be it staff or materials, will reap the benefits down the road. I apply this concept in all my businesses. My software company has grown because I have high caliber people in place. When I renovate run-down properties that no one wants with high-end materials, I am able to attract quality tenants who will pay more.”

With his software company reaching peak growth, running on the strength of his employees who work remotely, Rangappan found himself on autopilot. “My company did not need much of my time,” he explains, “so it was an opportune time to take on something new. But I also wanted to continue being my own boss.”

With a busy wife and two teenage sons whom are active in baseball, having the flexibility of being one’s own boss was a top priority for Rangappan. He says, “Over my career, I’ve had to travel a lot and it was hard. I wanted something that would not take me away from my family all the time.”

He continues, “While I have found success in the tech and real estate industries, it was time to diversify my investments. Both of those industries are constantly changing and have many ups and downs. I wanted something that could provide long-term financial stability; something that wasn’t so tied to the economy and couldn’t be outsourced.”

Sport Clips, with its semi-absentee business model, caught Rangappan’s attention. He says, “Sport Clips is an established brand with a successful track record. The business model is simple and scales well. Everyone needs haircuts and stylists can’t be replaced by technology.”

“Furthermore,” he says, “I found their mission to deliver a championship experience to every client, every time, aligned with my values. This commitment to provide value shows in their superior customer care, such as system notes about client preferences, and its focus on convenience by offering online check-in.”

As he went through Sport Clips’ discovery process, Rangappan examined closely if this was a good fit for him saying, “I found Sport Clips to be responsive and patient with me during the process. Discovery Day allowed me to get a good feel for the executive team. Their commitment to the success of their team leaders and care for quality was evident. They are continually improving on their processes.”

Finding alignment with Sport Clips’ mission to provide a championship experience, Rangappan made the decision to invest, opening his first store in California’s East Bay Area. This allows him to continue to be his own boss while diversifying his investments, creating more flexibility and financial stability. He concludes, “I am excited to get to work. I will be focusing my efforts on staffing, retention and building a great company culture.”

For more information on how the Sport Clips business model can help you achieve your personal and financial goals, get more information here.