Sport Clips Seeks Franchisees in Denver Market


There aren’t many people who will tell you being laid off twice in one year is a positive thing, but for David Weseman it was. That year served as a catalyst for change in his life, putting him on the path to achieve his personal and family financial goals.

Weseman says, “After the second layoff, I knew I was done working for someone else.”

Initially writing off the idea of a franchise investment, Weseman says, “I had zero interest in it, but after educating myself on what business options were out there, I eventually came around to the idea. It just made sense with my goals.”

He continues, “I narrowed my search down to two industries, tanning and haircare. Since the brand wasn’t yet in my area, I had my dad go get a haircut at his local Sport Clips Haircuts. He told me he would go there from now on. My dad said it was a better haircut than he had ever gotten, it was more affordable, and it was closer. I decided Sport Clips was worth looking into.”

After attending other franchise Discovery Days to learn more about other brands in the industry, Weseman says, “It was clear Sport Clips’ training materials and support were head and shoulders above everyone else. I also got a better feel from the leadership and company culture. I knew this was a good fit.

“The brand’s semi-absentee business model also offered the work life balance that had been missing. In my previous career, I was traveling for business a lot. I missed out on a lot. I wanted more family time.”

Today, Weseman and his wife Becky are independent area developers for Sport Clips, covering a large region of the Midwest. They have gained a wealth of knowledge throughout their 16 years of experience helping to grow the 185 stores in their development area. Together, with their team of 14 coaches, they provide incomparable support to team leaders (franchisees) in their region.

In addition to being area developers, the Wesemans also own three stores. “Having stores ourselves helps us walk the talk, so to speak. Having that operational experience helps us better support our team leaders. We understand what challenges they are facing and can give them applicable next steps,” says Weseman.

Recently, a tremendous opportunity has emerged in the Weseman’s development area. Sport Clips’ strong brand presence in the market combined with recent population increase and development in the area has led to the reopening of the Denver market for franchise growth with the brand.

Previously closed as part of the brand’s responsible growth strategy, the market’s reopening provides the right entrepreneurs the opportunity to get into this established market where brand recognition is already high. Area retail landlords are eager to work with Sport Clips because of its well-known reputation of being good tenants. And the market’s professional and college teams are a big draw for the area's avid sports fan. No doubt about it, Sport Clips and Denver are a good fit.

Weseman has some advice for anyone considering taking that next step toward business ownership, “Understand how the business operates and make sure the model is something you are comfortable with.”

He adds, “Don’t get hung up on where your store is. We will find you a site. There is an abundance of prime real estate in the Denver market. It is about whether this offering is a good fit for you. The rest falls into place.”

Sixteen years after joining Sport Clips, Weseman couldn’t be happier with his decision. No longer subject to the whims of corporate America, Weseman has created financial stability, along with the work-life balance he was missing. Along with their team, the Wesemans are helping others create the same for themselves in the newly re-opened Denver market.

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