Sport Clips Haircuts Recognizes International Women's Day

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is #PressForChange. Gender inclusiveness is essential for progress and, we are encouraged to see change in the franchising landscape, with more and more women embracing business ownership as an avenue for greater control over their professional futures.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) 2017 data shows 27 percent of franchise locations are owned by women. This is up from 20.5 percent in 2007. Franchising empowers women to leverage their skills and unique characteristics for business success. Shaping the business landscape for the better, this number will continue to grow as more women begin to see the opportunities in the world of franchising.

Sport Clips Haircuts is a smart choice for the female entrepreneur pursuing her business aspirations. While the concept caters to men and boys, women are a driving force behind the brand. There are many reasons women are a good fit for Sport Clips and why so many choose the brand to help them reach their personal and financial goals.

Work-life balance

There is freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. The management structure of Sport Clips’ semi-absentee business model allows team leaders to prioritize and maintain their other commitments, such as time with family, while building a business. You are not starting from scratch, so the start-up time is comparatively shorter than a start-up business. And, the sustainable model has the potential to create the financial stability needed to maintain this balance.

Begona Simon found work-life balance with Sport Clips. Along with being an entrepreneur, Simon is a wife and mother of three boys, as well as an avid marathon runner with an intensive training schedule. She comments, “The semi-absentee business model really appealed to me. It allows me to keep all of my other commitments.”

Being part of a team

Women are inherently adept at team work. Collaboration and asking for direction when needed are important skills that come naturally for many women. Sport Clips has intentionally cultivated a strong team culture from the inside out.

Becoming a team leader (franchisee) means you are going into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Annual conferences and a dynamic network of supportive team leaders exemplify this team culture.

Risk mitigation

Sport Clips is an established brand with a successful track record. This success is due, in part, to the robust support systems and training programs offered. These tools give team leaders everything they need to duplicate and follow the tried and tested business model for themselves.

About the brand support, Team Leader Debra Funk says, “It can be overwhelming alone, and we are lucky to have such great support by our side. We have no experience in the salon industry, and they walk us through everything.”

Mother and daughter team Marvel and Kari Hasbun are confident in their investment in Sport Clips. “The amazing support system, strong value system and proven business model are why we feel so confident,” says Kari.

Community Involvement

Women are wired for connection. This asset can be leveraged when marketing a business locally. Many Sport Clips team leaders spend much of their time adding value to their communities by getting involved in sponsorships and events. From supporting the brand’s four national charitable partnerships – VFW’s Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship program, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, American Red Cross & Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation – to getting involved in local organizations and causes, giving back to the communities where we live and work is a large part of Sport Clips mission and values.

High level emotional intelligence

Success with Sport Clips greatly depends on a team leader’s effectiveness as a manager. Good managers put people first. Women tend to be excellent managers because of their innate emotional intelligence. Thiscan be invaluable when making hiring decisions and building rapport within a team. Developing strong interpersonal relationships is key when creating an environment that inspires talent, grows the individual and gets the most from a team.

Husband and wife team Bobby and Lori Forrest see this play out in their 14 stores. Bobby explains, “We both have great relationships with our team members, but often they feel more comfortable coming to Lori with certain issues than they do with me. She can understand things from their perspective better than I can because she has been there. She has a unique advantage in that respect which has been an asset to our business.”

Creating employment growth opportunities for other women

An overwhelming majority of stylists are women. Sport Clips dedicates a lot of resources toward the development of managers and coaches, giving stylists a defined career path to work toward.

Offering ongoing training, education, and opportunities for growth and professional advancement, Sport Clips puts high priority on helping all team members reach their long-term goals, something rare in this industry. Sport Clips team leaders offer quality employment to local economies.

Debra Sawyer, team leader with 18 locations says, “Sport Clips has allowed me to create my own destiny and financial stability, and I am now able to do that for my team members.”

Family-friendly environment

A female entrepreneur can feel proud of the experience created within the four walls of her stores. Sport Clips is a place for families. Many of our clients are mothers bringing in their sons and most of our stylists are women. The brand targets a male demographic, but everyone is treated with respect.

Operational guidelines are set in place to ensure it stays that way. We go to great lengths to provide a comfortable and fun environment for all. Stylist uniforms are conservative and professional. Sporting events and programs shown on the televisions must be appropriate for all ages. Even magazines on display in the waiting area are held to a high standard. For example, the annual Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is pulled from all locations.

Mother and team leader Ashley Gray says a primary reason she decided to invest in the brand was because of the positive experience each store strives to create for its customers, which was needed in her community. “I wanted to help other moms in my community by creating a stress-free, fun haircut experience for young boys and men,” says Ashley.

Women are a driving force behind the Sport Clips brand. The business model is an ideal fit for any entrepreneur wanting to reach their personal and financial goals. We are excited to see the franchising business grow and benefit from having more women-owned businesses.

For more information about how Sport Clips may be a good fit for you, click here.