Meet New Team Leaders Jamey and Kristen Nosler: Successful Franchise Operators Transitioning Out of Fast Food for More Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Stability with Sport Clips

Recently, Jamey and Kristen Nosler had a decision to make as franchise owners. With four fast food franchise locations, remaining with the well-known restaurant brand would require a significant financial investment in required technology upgrades and renovations. They began to look closely at what they could expect to get out of continuing their current path, both on a personal as well as financial level.

The Noslers did not feel confident they would get a good return on such a significant investment. Noticing a shift with the fast food brand, Jamey comments, “These major mandated changes began to put a strain on the franchisee/franchisor relationship within the entire system. I personally started to feel micromanaged and more like an employee rather than a franchisee. A lot of other owners felt the same way and consequently were leaving the brand.”

Aside from internal brand strife, the fast food industry as a whole has many other challenges a franchise owner has to navigate. Jamey says, “In fast food it is normal to have an entirely new staff crew every six months. Turn-over is really expensive. When you add that to all the other costs that come with a fast food restaurant, your margins aren’t great.”

After considering all those factors, the Noslers decided it was time to transition out of the fast food industry. They were introduced to the Sport Clips Haircuts offering through a family friend, a successful multi-unit owner with Sport Clips Haircuts. They saw alignment with their goals and those of the brand immediately.

Knowing they wanted to invest in another franchise, Jamey says, “Being successful in a franchise comes down to following the system. Sport Clips has a proven business model. It is simple yet effective and highly scalable. That is a welcome change from all that goes into running a fast food franchise. We feel confident investing in this brand.”

The idea of investing in the hair care industry was very appealing, especially when the Noslers compared it to the fast food industry they were leaving behind. They are well positioned to compare both industries. Before becoming fast food restaurant franchise owners, Jamey worked nearly 15 years in store management for that brand. Kristen has 21 years as a licensed cosmetologist and five years of experience owning her own salon. Knowing first-hand what went into the operations of both models, the choice was clear.

A top priority for the pair was being able to work together. Sport Clips has many husband and wife team leaders. Oftentimes, one partner will be the primary operator and focus on marketing and operations and the other will focus on financial management, data analytics, and reporting.

Jamey had previously taken a central role in their fast food restaurants. While Kristen had some back-office duties, most of her time was dedicated to raising their son. Now, as their son is older, Kristen was ready to expand her role. As Sport Clips team leaders, Kristen will step into the primary operator role, while Jamey will focus on the backend.

The Noslers found the brand’s management structure to be a good fit for their skill sets. Jamey explains “After years of working in the fast food industry I learned I really enjoy training and helping people grow, personally and professionally. Kristen’s background in cosmetology will help her relate well to stylists. Your team is your biggest asset. Kristen and I are looking forward to building our team of managers and stylists. Sport Clips’ core value of people first provides a strong foundation for this.”

Jamey and Kristen will be opening their first store next month and have plans to acquire a second store later this year. Jamey says, “Sport Clips is a great fit for us. It will give us more flexibility with our time and we are excited about building something together.”

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