Helping Others Take a First Step in Their Entrepreneurial Journey: Jennifer Guzman, Sport Clips Haircuts Franchise Specialist

“You will never win if you never begin.” Helen Rowland (American journalist and humorist)

Jennifer Guzman, Sport Clips Haircuts franchise recruitment specialist, finds this quote from Helen Rowland to be especially true when it comes to her job. As the first point of contact for prospective franchise candidates exploring the Sport Clips Haircuts offering, she has a unique perspective on Rowland’s words.

Guzman says, “It is very rewarding to see someone first contact Sport Clips with the goal of building a business for themselves, to then be able to see them go on to accomplish that with this brand. You have to start somewhere, and for many their first step is with me.”

With more than 10 years in customer service, four of them in Sport Clips’ franchise recruitment center, Guzman is adept at identifying the common goals and needs of candidates during their initial phone call. She has even received commendations for her demonstrated responsiveness and attention to detail.

“I work closely with candidates to determine if the Sport Clips brand is right for them,” explains Guzman. “Sport Clips is very selective and intentional when it comes to whom they award franchises. Above all they want their team leaders to succeed.”

She continues, “We won’t just let anyone in the door because they meet the financial requirements, they must also be a good fit for the brand and business model. There needs to be alignment between Sport Clips and a candidate’s personal and financial goals, as well as their skills and values. These are just a few things I look for in our interactions.”

Initial conversations with a franchise candidate include learning about the prospect and their family and what they do for a living. It is also a time to set expectations. Guzman adds, “An uncertain employment situation is a big red flag. This is not an immediate job replacement opportunity but rather a long-term investment strategy.”

Lead qualification also depends a lot on personality and whether the candidate can easily build rapport in their conversations. Guzman explains, “So much of what team leaders (franchisees) do is centered around people. They need to be able to relate to their stylists and manage a team effectively. If interacting with people is not a strong skill of theirs, they will not be a good fit for this brand.”

“The Sport Clips franchise model offers a sustainable and scalable vehicle for business ownership for the right candidate,” says Guzman. “Part of my job is finding out if there is alignment between the candidate’s goals and skills and the brand’s offering.”

She concludes, “Helping someone take that first step toward achieving their entrepreneurial goals is very rewarding. Sport Clips attracts some incredible and dynamic individuals. I enjoy talking with them and being a resource for them as they begin the discovery process. The decision to buy into a franchise is a big one, and I aim to help start them off on the right foot with a clear understanding of the offering and what to expect from the process ahead.”

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