Targeted market California Bay Area

California’s northern Bay Area is poised for tremendous growth. With Sport Clips Haircuts strong brand momentum, there is great potential in this untapped market. The area’s demographics represent the brand’s core customers, yet this market is currently underserved.

With rents considerably lower than further to the south, Shea Laffere, real estate director with Sport Clips, indicates cities such as San Rafael, Novato, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Petaluma, Napa, Vacaville, Benicia, Sonoma County and Santa Rosa, represent unique opportunities for rapid growth.

Market projections indicate this area can hold many more stores than it currently does,” Laffere says, “making this an ideal opportunity for the right entrepreneur to build out this market for themselves.”

Previously seen as a travel corridor, the northern bay area is now recognized as a strong economic epicenter. Adequate space, affordable housing, a strong and skilled workforce, jobs and natural and scenic attractions all attribute to its desirability. Local development efforts are making the area a business destination, drawing even more of the bay area population.

Laffere says, “A strong business climate and economy, combined with core client demographics, comparatively lower cost of living for the area, and disposable incomes higher than the national average position this area with vast potential.”

He continues, “The area is popular with families, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for community involvement, creating valuable marketing opportunities for team leaders.”

The northern Bay Area of California has a favorable business environment and growing local economy, positioning it for rapid brand growth. With Sport Clips’ brand recognition, proven business model and strong support systems, combined with the area’s underserved demographics, an enterprising team leader can scale their business.

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