Sport Clips Team Leader: Stacey Patulski

When his manufacturing company had the opportunity to move, saving money in production costs, Stacey Patulski chose to stay in Michigan in order to allow his workers keep their jobs. He says, “People are more important than the monetary savings.”

This people-first mentality is eventually what brought Patulski to Sport Clips. Patulski says, “I wanted to build a business that would provide flexibility to spend time with my number one priority: my family. Sport Clips’ manager led, semi-absentee business model does just that.”

He continues, “I have been able to scale my business at a pace that was right for my family. Today we have four stores open and we would like to grow further in the future.”

In addition to the proven business model, Patulski also gravitated towards the brand because of Sport Clips’ strong value system. He explains, “The company really cares about people. They operate by the tenants of do what’s right, do your best, and treat others how they want to be treated.”

He recalls, “One of my managers was involved in a life altering accident, and Gordon personally checked up on her. When she was able, the company even flew her out to our annual convention, to show her what she meant to the company. She was thrilled. It just goes to show that this company cares for its team. Sport Clips is a great place for stylists to work, there are so many career advancement opportunities available. I am proud to be part of company that offers quality employment.”

Being a team leader has also given Patulski new ways to become more involved in his stores’ communities. He explains, “The best way to get is to give. This is one of the ways I market. These are close-knit communities, with friendly and hardworking people. I enjoy providing a useful service to them.”

He adds, “One of my best purchases was a spin art machine. Event organizers ask us to be there. It’s really popular with kids. There’s always a long line for our booth. It gives my team and I great opportunities to talk with families and let them know who we are and show that we care for their community.”

This “give to get” philosophy is also evident in the supportive relationship with many the of Sport Clips team leaders in the area. Patulski explains, “We will go out of our way to help each other. We will show up as Sporty, the company inflatable mascot, for each other’s grand openings and events. It’s just what we do for each other. We are all on the same team and it benefits us all.”

And once the communities get to know the brand they quickly see the advantage it holds over the region’s competitors. Patulski says, “We love our sports here, so Sport Clips is a perfect match. The family friendly environment makes this a place the whole family can feel comfortable. Our online check in system offers even more convenience. We are offering a championship experience which beats the competition every time.”

With brand recognition continuing to grow, thanks to dedicated and supportive team leaders like Patulski, the Michigan area is poised for significant expansion. There is an abundance of prime real estate available and all the support systems are already put into place. Particularly targeted for growth are cities of Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Lansing, Flint, Ann Arbor and Detroit. This area is ready for a forward-thinking entrepreneur to come in and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities this market presents. For more information on Michigan and other available markets, click here.