Brand Ambassador and First Point of Contact for Sport Clips Franchise Recruitment: Stephanie Zinsmeyer

Stephanie Zinsmeyer, franchise recruitment professional with Sport Clips Haircuts, approaches franchise development with a mix of enthusiasm and innovation. With her wide range of experience both in operations and franchise recruitment, along with her readiness to stay ahead of industry trends, Zinsmeyer has positioned herself as an emerging franchise thought leader.

Zinsmeyer observes, “The buyer’s market is constantly changing. Franchise candidates have more information and technology available to them, which changes the way they want to be engaged. We are always evolving the way we interact with candidates.”

Acting as a first point of contact for people interested in becoming Sport Clips Team Leaders, Zinsmeyer plays a pivotal role in the franchise recruitment process. Having been with the brand for more than 12 years, working in both operations and franchise development, she has a solid understanding of what to look for when qualifying franchise candidates.

Zinsmeyer explains, “Above all, Sport Clips wants to see their Team Leaders succeed. For this reason, we have exceedingly high standards in what we are looking for in a candidate. This offering has to be the right fit; it won’t work if it’s not.”

The initial phone call with a franchise candidate is about getting to know a candidate and to set expectations for the discovery process ahead. Zinsmeyer says, “We want to hear about the candidate, their family and career, and find out what they are looking for in a franchise opportunity. We are looking for alignment of values and goals.”

She continues, “Our first conversation is about building rapport. Personality is very important. Much of the job of a Team Leader comes down to managing people. A franchise candidate has to be good with people, otherwise this might not be the right fit for them.”

During her time working in operations, Zinsmeyer helped with recruiting and retaining of Stylists for company owned stores. She says, “My previous role really helped me understand the importance of a Team Leader being able to relate to their team of Stylists. I look for that when I am qualifying candidates.”

The people-first mentality is at the center of Sport Clips’ team culture. Over the 12 years Stephanie has been with Sport Clips she has seen a lot of growth, going from 400 stores to now more than 1,700 stores. “Throughout this period of rapid growth, Sport Clips has maintained its integrity of values and standards.”

She goes on to say, “It still feels like a family, even though we have grown so much. It is rare to see a company stay that way once it goes through so much growth. It really does come down to people first.”

Zinsmeyer concludes, “We have a lot of fun and it is a very warm and welcoming environment. It is very exciting to be a part of something so special. I feel privileged to be a part of the process helping people reach their personal and financial goals through franchise ownership.”

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