Sport Clips Launches Hall of Fame Podcast

Sport Clips Haircuts’ commitment to constant and never-ending improvement is what has positioned the brand as one of the nation’s leading haircare franchises. This commitment is evident in the tremendous effort put forth in its support systems. By staying ahead of digital marketing trends, it is providing franchisees with some of the most comprehensive marketing support of any franchise out there while propelling the brand forward.

In keeping ahead of the competition, three years ago Sport Clips identified the trend toward digital marketing and created an in-house digital services team, as a value-add to its comprehensive franchisee support. Chad Jordan, director of marketing, digital services, and his team work diligently to identify and share best practices in the digital marketing space.

Sport Clips has taken an innovative approach to local marketing by creating websites and social media pages for every individual location. This is different from other brands that only have landing pages from their main site.

Jordan explains why this is so important, “This allows social networking on a local level. Each store has the ability to promote specials more effectively and introduce the team at the stores, creating more personal relationships with their individual communities.”

Reviews pages, such as those found on Google, Facebook and Yelp, are also classified by individual location. “We like to let the client speak for us whenever we can,” explains Jordan, “because a satisfied client is our best endorsement.” In addition to client endorsement, the data metrics from client-generated reviews put Sport Clips in the top level of online search results without paid advertising.

Because of the added value from local level social media marketing, Jordan and his team have implemented social media education and assistance as part of Sport Clips' digital support. “Most of our team leaders have full time jobs outside of Sport Clips,” says Jordan. “They don’t have the time and resources to become digital marketing experts on their own.”

He continues, “We teach them best practices. We have set up education portals and weekly webinars with a question and answer session. We do a weekly recap that is two minutes with marketing tips and power plays in case they need a condensed version. We want to educate them wherever they are in the process, whether they are just ramping up or growing their mature business.”

Recently, the digital team created the Sport Clips Hall of Fame Podcast. This weekly podcast explores the world inside, outside, and all around the Sport Clips brand.

“The idea around the podcast was to help create a culture around the brand. The MVP Experience transformed an ordinary transaction into an experience. We want to celebrate that. This is a place where we share our brand’s stories and cheer each other on. We are taking listeners along on our journey. No other brand is doing this,” explains Jordan.

The podcasts add to the cohesive and simple branding strategy that has been successful for Sport Clips since its beginning. By delivering high quality content, deeper and more personal engagements are created, while increasing brand awareness. Jordan says, “Sports is a popular genre in podcasts. When someone searches for ‘sports,’ Sport Clips shows up at the top of that search. This helps in creating a top of mind awareness that is invaluable.”

“We are a consumable society and we want information to be bite-sized. With podcasting, content gets delivered directly to your phone. You can listen to it while you are multi-tasking. And it is a very sharable format,” adds Jordan.

But what makes a podcast about a haircut brand appealing to a broad audience? According to Jordan, it’s the people connected to Sport Clips. “The Sport Clips team is made up of so many different perspectives and backgrounds. Our best assets are the people who make up this brand,” Jordan says. “There is something about hearing the excitement in someone’s voice when they are talking about their passion for this industry and Sport Clips that is very captivating.”

Episodes are added weekly and include a variety of topics including jobs, recruiting, retention, franchise sales, owning a store, and charitable causes. Find a complete list of episodes here.