Validation Conference Call Team Leader Profile: Scott and Diana Colgrove

Several years ago, Diana and Scott Colgrove decided their life needed a change. Both had corporate jobs in California’s Silicon Valley and yearned for better work-life balance. Having control over their family’s future and flexibility with their time was very important to them. So, the Colgroves packed up the family and moved to Montana in search of a better quality of life.

Scott says, “I was an electrical engineer and much of my industry was shipped offshore. I had the unfortunate administrative duty of laying off people. I could see the writing on the wall, my job would eventually be outsourced as well. I wanted more control over my destiny.”

Scott and Diana began to look into franchising as a vehicle to do that. They wanted to build a business while still remotely working their corporate jobs. Scott had worked in the restaurant industry during college, so they began their search there.

Scott says, “Haircutting was not even on our radar in the beginning. We looked at a few restaurants but none of them were a good fit. Quite frankly, the more we learned, the more restaurants scared us. We wanted to provide a service without all the hassles that go into running a restaurant.”

He continues, “From my previous experience in food service I know how costly inventory is. I have also seen how much internal theft goes on. I was not interested in dealing with any of that.”

The Colgroves first heard about Sport Clips Haircuts when a friend raved about his MVP Haircut Experience. Scott says, “There was no store in our area and our friend went on about how there should be. Then I saw the Entrepreneur ranking, so I did some research and decided to visit a store for myself. After experiencing it first hand, I knew this was something I wanted to look into further.”

Scott’s Sport Clips’ Discovery Day experience sealed the deal for him. “I had been to discovery days with other brands and they all felt like dog and pony shows,” explains Scott. “Sport Clips was different. I immediately loved the feel and realness of it all. Founder and CEO, Gordon Logan, and the rest of the leadership team were very genuine. The concept and values were also a good fit as well.”

Today the Colgroves have four stores, with plans to open one to two more in the near future. Two of their four stores they took over from prior team leaders. When asked how they successfully got those stores back on track, Diana says, “The problem with those stores was the system wasn’t being followed. Our support team, led by Phil and Laurie Brown, were instrumental in helping us streamline everything and get us on track.”

Scott adds, “You need your four walls in place first before anything will work. Part of that is having a strong team, so the first thing we did was bring in a good manager.”

Now, with a strong team in place, the team leaders are able to focus on marketing. Sport Clips’ effective manager-led business model gives them the ability to spend time growing their business. “The buddy cards and word of mouth are some of our best assets. We try to always have a presence at every local event happening around us, whether it be with a booth or goodie bags for volunteers. We feel confident driving traffic quickly now because we have a great team ready to give them the MVP Experience,” says Diana.

For the Colgroves, joining Sport Clips has been a positive experience. Scott says, “Sport Clips fulfilled a dream we had for a while, to provide a service that adds value to our community. We also really enjoy the people. Our clients and staff are fun to be around. The whole environment is positive.”

Diana agrees, “Being Sport Clips team leaders has given us a lot of freedom. We have control over our family’s time, which we couldn’t have done with our corporate jobs. And the business is enjoyable. It is fun and challenging all at the same time. “

As their business is growing and thriving, both Scott and Diana have quit their corporate jobs. They have some advice for new team leaders, “You really have to put in some time in the beginning. The first year was especially tough. There is a learning curve, and an internal buy-in that has to happen. The faster that happens, the sooner you will find your groove and things fall into place. The system works, you just have to trust it and follow it.”

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