Sport Clips Haircuts Celebrates 25 Years of Championship Experiences at National Huddle

This year, the Sport Clips Haircuts National Huddle is celebrating an important milestone for the brand – its 25th anniversary. Beginning in 1993, Sport Clips filled a need in the salon industry, catering to the underserved men and boys market. Since opening its first store in Austin, Texas, Sport Clips has seen 25 years of growing, elevating and winning.

Team leaders, managers and stylists from around the country will converge in San Antonio, Texas this month to honor the past, celebrate the present and build the future. Each year, the highly anticipated National Huddle garners palpable excitement, offering the chance for the network to come together, to learn from each other and share ideas.

Cheston Syma, multi-unit team leader from Houston says, “To me, the huddle is more than the classes offered and the insightful knowledge gained, it’s also about the bonds of friendship forged and strengthened by coming together. You get a sense of the whole picture at the huddle.”

Furthermore, he adds “You always learn something applicable to bring back to your stores from the national huddle, that is a given. What I didn’t expect was the camaraderie that is built year after year; it’s something truly special. I have met many wonderful team leaders and support staff at each huddle who I have grown to admire and seek advice from year after year.”

Don Berger, multi-unit team leader from California’s Bay Area agrees, “The relationships built here strengthen our network and create a free flow of ideas and team culture. The huddle is an example of the brand’s extraordinary commitment to fostering this culture and team work within the network.”

The National Huddle is about giving team leaders and store managers the tools they need to be successful. The gathering adds value beyond applicable take home knowledge; it also serves to motivate, inspire and encourage team members. This strong dedication to intentionally growing culture and putting people first is how the brand has been able to create championship experiences for the past 25 years.

This year’s National Huddle has an impressive lineup offering immense value, bringing together a panel of experts to help team members grow and thrive. Industry legend John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems will be a guest speaker. Leadership consultant Mark Sato of The Wiseman Group will talk about ways to become an empowering leader. Steve LeFever with Profit Mastery will discuss financial planning and business planning education. Breakout sessions include Danny Amorin of Gibs Grooming and Stephanie Kocielski of John Paul Mitchell Systems, along with many more. Marketing thought leader Jabez LeBret will lead a session on bridging the generational gap, a topic of emerging importance in today’s marketplace. The Sport Clips Artistic Team will showcase the industry’s cutting-edge techniques.

At this National Huddle, Sport Clips will look back at how it all began and celebrate the brand’s impressive journey to now leading its industry. For 25 years,the brand has continually looked for ways to improve and take that next step forward while still staying true to its values and mission statement. While celebrating its progress at the Huddle, Sport Clips will together build its future, which includes continuing the momentum and elevating the brand to even new heights.

Syma concludes, “The huddle is a great way to gather the leaders of this organization in one place in an effort to discuss the future, learn from each other, celebrate successes and discuss ways to improve. We all walk away learning something new, but equally as important is the sense of pride, relationship building, meeting new friends and seeing a glimpse of the national presence of Sport Clips Haircuts.”