Meet New Team Leader in the Michigan Area: Anthony Abro

Already an astute businessman at the young age of 22, Anthony Abro’s strong family values and work ethic have been a catalyst to his success. As his father, Mahdi, transitions into retirement, Abro has taken on a leadership role in his family’s businesses. Now he is looking to make his own mark on the family business portfolio. He realized the Michigan market is well positioned for tremendous growth with just the right concept and began to seek out opportunities that would help him reach his goals.

Through their businesses, which include five high-end liquor stores, two commercial properties, and an ownership stake in several fitness center franchise locations, a client introduced the Abros to the Sport Clips Haircuts brand. As an emerging market for Sport Clips, the Michigan area is an ideal fit for the family. The sports concept is very popular in the region and the brand’s target demographics make up much of the area’s large populations. There is significant opportunity to expand and grow in this market, and Abro immediately recognized that.

Abro says, “The Michigan market is well positioned for growth, and we wanted to be a part of that. The Sport Clips system is operated well, and the support is significant. The business model is simple, and the manager-led structure makes it highly scalable.”

Beyond the business model, Abro found alignment with the brand in other ways. “I was drawn to Sport Clips’ commitment to excellence. The culture and core values align with my family’s business philosophy. With its focus on store culture and client experience, Sport Clips is designed to provide and uphold a championship experience for clients and stylists,” says Abro.

He continues, “My father instilled in me the value of customer service. It is important to do right by people and treat them well. I see these same things in the Sport Clips value system.”

Abro appreciated the brand’s deliberate selection process as well. He comments, “Sport Clips was very welcoming and took the time to learn about me and my family. They took great care to make sure this was a good fit. It wasn’t about the sale. There was transparency throughout the entire process.”

For others considering investing in a franchise system, Abro offers this, “Talk to other franchisees. Make sure the business model is a good fit for you. Also, you need to be committed to seeing it succeed and put in the work necessary to get your business going.”

Currently Abro has three licenses in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, with the vision of adding to that in the future. With his focus of client value and positive team member culture, and Sport Clips’ robust support systems and scalable business model, Abro is well positioned for achieving his goals.

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