Sport Clips' New Chief Talent Officer, Mike Runyan, Is Putting People And Values First

People have always been a central focus for much of Mike Runyan’s career. During his time in the military he learned the adage, “Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you.” Runyan has found this to be true in the business world as well. He believes that in order for a company to be successful they need to take care of their people and the people will take care of the business and clients.

This wisdom stayed with him over the years, applying it to his approach to helping different organizations attract and retain top talent. He is now bringing his experience and expertise to Sport Clips Haircuts, having recently been named chief talent officer.

With the growing number of Team Leaders, Team Members and Support Team Members, structural evolution must outpace network growth. Tasked with optimizing organizational structures, Runyan will focus on ways to continue offering the consummate level of support that has been a key element to Sport Clips’ success and sustainable expansion.

Runyan approaches his role with the three key questions at the heart of the Sport Clips culture.

  1. Can I trust you? “Equally important leaders should ask ourselves: Am I trustworthy? If we are asking people to trust us, we must be worthy of that trust.”
  2. Are we committed to excellence? “We demonstrate this by always testing everything we are doing and seeking constant improvement. We must continue to ask what is best of ourselves and our organization.”
  3. Do you care about me? “Are we showing that we care? Are we developing and retaining ourTeam Members? Are we helping them improve and grow?”

“You can have a value culture and a performance culture,” explains Runyan. “If you have a value culture, the performance aspect will take care of itself. Our core values shape everything we do at Sport Clips and it is what has contributed to the company’s success.”

  • Do what’s right.
  • Do your best.
  • Treat others the way they want to be treated.

Runyan’s main focus will be on identifying appropriate tools to help Team Leaders better attract, onboard, develop and retain quality Team Members. “They are the bread and butter of our business, without championship Stylists, we can’t deliver the championship experience.”

One of the new ways Sport Clips has gone about Stylist recruiting is through its Ambassador Program, in which members visit educational institutes to talk to cosmetology students about career opportunities with the brand. “Sport Clips is a great place for stylists to work,” says Runyan, “and we offer some exceptional career development opportunities. By establishing relationships with these institutions, we are getting more people interested in Sport Clips as a career choice and continuing to engage the commercial industry.”

Other tools Sport Clips recently implemented is a new point of sale system to better serve our clients and Sport Clips is enhancing the applicant tracking system to improve the ability to identify, screen and onboard new Team Members. “Our belief is that we need to simplify the applicant process while enabling smart-device capabilities. And the point of sale system has a lot of benefits as well. In many cases, the electronic tip capability shown an increases in tipsrewarding our Stylists for the championship experience they performed. It also provides additional data to team leaders about store performance, enabling Team Leaders to to optimize their business.”

Runyan continues, “By ensuring we are bringing in the right people, holding people accountable, and helping them improve and grow, we will continue to lead the industry. Most importantly, we must practice these values ourselves. We will continue to improve the tools and support we offer our team leaders and members. I look at it like a three-legged stool. Those legs are people, attracting the right Team Members; processes and being committed to excellence with those; and tools, such as applicant tracking and point of sales. If we optimize those, we will continue to deliver championship experiences for our clients.”

When asked if he had any advice for Team Leaders, Runyan concludes, “There is no real silver bullet when it comes to leading a team. It comes down to spending time learning what motivates your team. This starts with finding people committed to delivering that championship experience. My commitment is to find the best tools to help facilitate that.”

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