What To Expect When Attending Discovery Day

Attending Discovery Day is an important step in making an informed decision about whether to invest in a franchise. The main purpose of these events is to provide validation and affirmation. Having done your due diligence up to this point, Discovery Day is a chance for you to see the entire operation in action, and to determine if it is in alignment with what you know about the brand.

You can get a feel for a company by completing research online, but to really understand it you need to personally experience it. Getting a feel for the culture and seeing first-hand how coworkers interact as a team will offer invaluable insight into the overall structure and whether franchise is a good match for you.

And likewise, Discovery Day is also about the brand getting to know you. When you invest in Sport Clips Haircuts, you are becoming part of our team. Our Discovery Day is a chance for you to learn more about the franchise system, but also for us to learn more about you. It comes down to whether or not we are a good fit for each other.

Transparency is an essential element to finding the best match for our business model. Discovery Day gives you a chance to meet and interact with our executive team, and includes a visit to our stores. We encourage you to come with questions and to be prepared to answer some as well.

Sport Clips is dedicated to the success of our franchisees. Our 99.7 percent continuity rate is a result of this dedication. We have found when a store doesn’t perform well, it can often be attributed to a failure to follow the proven system. Because of this, we take our vetting process seriously.

If a franchisee is not a good fit for the system, the entire system will suffer. By closely examining whether you are right match for our business model, we are protecting the brand and your investment. We are also looking to see if you have the personality and traits it takes to be an effective Team Leader. Are you cooperative, responsive and engaging? Do you demonstrate the ability to follow a system? Can you hire and lead a great team? These are just some of the things our review committee evaluates.

Putting people first is at the foundation of what makes the Sport Clips business model so successful. We want to fully understand what led you to make the decision to invest. We want to hear about you in your own words and understand what your mindset is coming into this decision. We also want to know your long-term personal and financial goals, and determine if those are in alignment with the brand.

Bringing your business partner and/or spouse to Discovery Day is important because ensuring they are fully onboard and supportive of this investment is a crucial element to your success. We want to see how you and your spouse/partner interact with one another and how you view your respective roles in the investment.

Attending a Discovery Day is an important step in evaluating any franchise system. Experiencing first-hand the company’s culture and meeting the executive and support team will give you a clearer picture of what to expect. Use this to help you decide if this is a system you can execute at a high level. Take this time to honestly assess if the business model and company culture are a good fit for you.

If you are interested in learning more about Sport Clips and our Discovery Process, including attending one of our Discovery Days, click here.