The Browns Provide Pacific Northwest Sport Clips Region with Leadership

When Phil and Laurie Brown decided to begin a franchise business that would put them in the driver’s seat, they were immediately drawn to Sport Clips. After conducting their research into the brand, they agreed to become Area Developers in the Pacific Northwest in 2006. Today, thanks to their efforts, 60 Sport Clips exist in their network, 20 of whom lean on the Browns for continued success.

Leadership Begins at the Top

The Browns have truly embraced their role as the Area Developers for the Pacific Northwest. Whenever a franchisee has questions, they can come to the Browns for support backed by unparalleled industry experience, amazing business instincts, and an intimate understanding of the market, communities, and region. First-time franchisees will have plenty of questions about a myriad of concerns, and the Browns always have the answer. Even when finding the answer takes some work, the Browns are there to offer genuine insight and a clear path to a solution.

Area Developers within Sport Clips routinely help franchisees with:

  • Choosing to join the Sport Clips family or not
  • Identifying prime salon locations
  • Overcoming obstacles during buildout
  • Compliance to brand expectations

Being an area developer is not a hands-off role by any means, though. The Browns love to frequent the 60 salons in their region for checkups, host regular meetings to promote leadership behaviors, and make themselves available whenever a franchisee has a question or concern. In the end, the Browns know that Sport Clips’ success in the area depends on them, and they depend on each and every franchisee. It is only when we all work together that real triumphs can be achieved.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If Phil can give out one piece of advice to new franchisees, it would be to never be too shy to ask a question. You might think the question is silly, but the actual silliness is missing an opportunity to grow and to learn. No matter the topic, reach out to other franchisees, area developers, and the Sport Clips corporate team. With each inquiry, you will be stronger than before.

Want to know more about Phil and Laurie Brown and the success they have helped form in the Pacific Northwest Sport Clips region? Click here to view a full article posted on 1851, a popular publication that covers some of the most exciting and unique tales in the franchise world. People who would like to start a haircutting franchise location of their own should contact Sport Clips headquarters to request more information. We look forward to hearing from you!