One Man's Sense of Adventure Leads to Sport Clips Franchise Success

Mr. Jean-Bernard Dahmoune is a native of faraway France who came to the states to pursue an amazing career opportunity with a multinational corporation. But he has since found that his greatest success was waiting for when he decided to become his own boss and start exploring haircutting franchise opportunities with Sport Clips. In addition to the strong support and leadership from Sport Clips corporate headquarters, he says his triumphs are owed in large part to his sense of adventure.

Looking Far & Wide for the Right Business Model

Jean-Bernard did not start with his sights set on Sport Clips. Instead, he was thinking a restaurant franchise would be the right fit. Just a little bit of research into how to run a restaurant and all the inherent risks told him this was not what he wanted to do. Yes, he liked adventures, but no, he did not like massive risks with minimal chance of reward.

Sport Clips caught his eye as a semi-absentee business model that was not based on selling a product. As any franchisee can testify, Sport Clips is instead about selling an experience for the customer. With talented employees and passionate leaders that genuinely care about how the operation is ran, Sport Clips “cannot be automated,” as Dahmoune himself remarked. In many ways, haircutting franchises are futureproof.

Franchising with Sport Clips Will Always Be a Group Effort

No one in the Sport Clips family has to try to build their business alone. The company is renowned in the world of franchise opportunities to maintaining a real network of support for franchisees new and veteran. In Dahmoune’s story, he turned to Phil and Laurie Brown, an Area Developer couple we featured in a previous blog entry.

Anyone who knows the Browns know that they want franchisees to succeed, not only for their own good but for the good of Sport Clips and its communities. Jean-Bernard attests that the Browns kept him on the right track to build up his own Sport Clips, and they even communicated with him weekly to ensure there were no roadblocks on his road ahead. He had never been a franchisee before but it felt like he was ready for anything with the support of the Sport Clips network.

Today, Dahmoune is starting to glance at maps to find his next franchise location. Click here to visit 1851 for a full article about Dahmoune’s Sport Clips story. Or, are you thinking about joining Sport Clips? Learn more about our haircutting franchise opportunities by requesting more information from our corporate team.