First Sport Clips in Medford Oregon Finds Success Due to Corporate Help & Marketing

Jim Noah knew he wanted to open his own Sport Clips location from the moment he first heard an advert on the radio and stepped into a salon that same day. Thanks to the guidance and experience of Sport Clips when it comes to working with new franchisees, it took less than 12 months for Jim to get his Medford Sport Clips salon up-and-running. The most exciting part of his business venture is that there were no other Sport Clips in Southern Oregon beforehand, making his location the flagship for a brand new region prime for business development.

Choosing Medford was not a stroke of luck or the result of just throwing a dart at a map of Oregon. No, Jim carefully researched where he wanted to set up shop. Medford is complete with a large airport, hospital groups, and an industrial quarter. With so much business and traffic coming through the city, establishing a salon that catered to men who need to look sharp and in a hurry was the logical conclusion.

Words Don’t Travel On Their Own

The pioneer story of the Noah’s Sport Clips in Medford is really only half of their tale, or one of two stories to tell about their experience. This particular Sport Clips location is a prime example of how marketing done right can secure business and rapidly build a brand.

With half a year to prepare for their big grand opening ceremony, the Noah family set their sights on effective advertising throughout the Medford community. There were no nearby Sport Clips – the next one was a full three hours’ drive either north or south – so they had to essentially market Sport Clips as if no one had ever heard about it before. Tackling the situation like franchise veterans, they send out adverts through traditional mail, talked to members of their community directly, and even paid for radio spots on stations they knew were popular in Medford. Out of all their advertising methods, Jim chalks up the most success to just hitting the street, chatting with neighbors and local businesses, and spreading word the old fashioned way.

Success is Always a Team Effort

Jim and Kim Noah deserve huge congratulations for making the first Medford Sport Clips a success. It has been such a positive ride, they are already eyeing two more locations in Southern Oregon to expand their franchise influence and the Sport Clips name. The Noahs are also quite generous in telling others that much of their success is in thanks to the Sport Clips corporate team that supported and guided them from day one. It is truly an honor to have the Noahs as part of the Sport Clips family.

For more information about the Noahs and their Medford Sport Clips story, you can click here to view a full article posted on 1851, a publication all about franchise businesses. Do you want to know more about Sport Clips and our hair care franchise opportunities? Please do not hesitate to request additional information!