Experienced Support Team Turns Focus To Emerging Market Detroit and Michigan

Sport Clips Haircuts Area Developer John Kohler and his experienced team of professionals are no strangers to pioneering the growth of the Sport Clips Haircuts brand in previously untapped markets. When they first took on the Chicagoland and eastern Missouri markets in 2004, there were only two stores. Today the market boasts more than 130 stores. This type of growth is substantial and is part of the reason Sport Clips is the nation’s fastest growing haircutting franchise.

The team of 12, which includes area and operations coaches, a real estate developer and marketing support, provides full service, turnkey support to their market. Their networks have flourished under their care and support. This experienced and dedicated team is now focusing development efforts on the emerging markets of Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas.

Looking to carry the brand’s strong momentum into the under-served market of Detroit makes sense. With fewer than 20 stores in the state of Michigan, projection maps indicate the market can support more than 65 stores. The Detroit metro area alone can support upwards of 25 stores. Kohler describes it this way, “For Sport Clips, the Detroit market is in the embryonic state. Opportunities abound here. “

This is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get in on the ground floor and really build out the market for themselves. Michigan was built on a tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, and so was Sport Clips. The highly scalable business model offers entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities to grow their business. Recurring revenues and the inability to be outsourced or automated make investing in the brand a sound economic decision.

The area’s improving business climate, increasing home values, falling unemployment rates and personal income growth that's ahead of national averages all indicate an economic resurgence. This steady economic growth combined with strong national recognition of the Sport Clips brand make this market poised for exponential expansion.

With Sport Clips' strategic approach to responsible growth, markets often close to new team leaders to optimize growth for existing franchises. To find a market that is so wide open, is rare and presents tremendous opportunity and development potential for the right entrepreneur.

Another reason Detroit is an ideal market for Sport Clips is its strong sports culture. With four professional sports teams (MLB Tigers, NHL Red Wings, NBA Pistons, NFL Lions), Detroit is one of only 12 U.S cities to have all four major North American sports with a host of NCAA Division I teams also in the area. Detroit is even dubbed “Hockey Town” because of its avid hockey fans, and Detroit’s high attendance rates at its sports venues leave no doubt this is a big sports town. Simply put, Sport Clips and Detroit are a perfect match.

Kohler has this to say, “All the legs of the stool for success are in place. We are ready for the right person to reap the benefits of this proven system. Marketing resources are there. Prime real estate is available. We have experienced coaches to help with building your team. It’s all available. And the potential for expansion is tremendous.”

Going into business for yourself doesn’t have to mean by yourself. Sport Clips offers high-level support systems designed to help franchisees succeed. With Detroit’s upward business climate, sports culture and entrepreneurial tradition, Sport Clips is a brand poised for growth in the market. Want in on the action? Contact us here.