Erin Burton Leads New York Sport Clips Team to Success

Sport Clips prides itself on a teamwork mentality in order to both achieve great things for our company and franchisees but also benefit our clients. No one exemplifies our spirit more than Erin Burton, an incredible team member who supports the Upstate New York market.

Erin started with Sport Clips back in 2010 as a Stylist. It did not take long for her talents and enthusiasm to be recognized, though, and she was soon a Coach. But some people are determined to be as great as can be, and Erin is now a member of the Artistic Team and an Area Operations Director. She has proved to be integral in spreading the Sport Clips names in the region, recruiting new team members for franchised locations, and pushing our overall client experience ever upwards.

A focus of both Ms. Burton and Sport Clips is growing its name in the Northeast region. There is plenty of potential there for new locations lead by franchisees, or Team Leaders as Sport Clips names them. It will take the efforts of people like Erin to make it happen, though.

Artistic Team Reaches Out & Makes a Splash

As an Artistic Team member, Erin Burton travels to fashion industry shows to display the talents and creativity of the Stylists at Sport Clips. There are also similar Ambassador Teams that get invited to local beauty schools to tap directly into the number one source of up-and-coming stylists, telling them about career opportunities at Sport Clips. Together, the exploratory teams are crucial in ensuring the Sport Clips brand continues to grow and get better every day.

As Ms. Burton has said herself, most stylists are only trained in how to cut women’s hair and create styles typically reserved for women. Men’s styles and cuts are a bit of a mystery outside of Sport Clips. Ambassador and Artistic Teams are also there to train potential team members how to cut men’s hair, providing a service that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Erin even spent time coaching an aspiring hairstylist in one-on-one sessions to expand her skills. That same Stylist would later go on to become a manager.

Connecting the Entire Team is Key

Erin believes that a franchise location can only be the best it can be when everyone there feels like they are connected as one team, thriving and growing together. Team Leaders generally want to see increased profits and a rise in clients per quarter, but Stylists and individual Team Members are committed to client satisfaction and less tangible rewards, like a smile on a client’s face. The key to success is finding a way to acknowledge everyone’s goals and using a system that benefits them all.

Three quick tips from Burton about how to secure victory in a Sport Clips location are:

  • Always put your team members and your clients first.
  • Know what your team wants to achieve and why.
  • Recognize success wherever it occurs.

Want to know more about Erin Burton and how she is pathfinding the Northeast region to greatness? Click here to view a full article about her story from 1851, a popular publication for franchise companies and other entrepreneurial businesses. Interested in learning more about Sport Clips, or becoming an owner of a location? Request more information about haircutting franchise opportunities to get started down the right path.

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