Providing Enhanced Grand Opening Support to Team Leaders with Rookie Camp Team

The Sport Clips Haircuts Operations Department works diligently to optimize the performance of all Sport Clips stores at a unit economic level. Sport Clips’ exceptional continuity rate is a testament to the proven processes they have set in place. By recognizing areas that would benefit from enhanced support, Operations is finding ways to fine tune these processes and systems, further elevating store performance.

A recent example of this is the restructuring of the Operational support team to increase focus on Grand Opening support through the introduction of the Rookie Camp Team. Understanding that the Grand Opening period is critical to a store’s long-term success, the Rookie Camp Team will work to ensure new stores start out on the right path.

Earl Blood, Senior Director of Operations for Sport Clips, explains the new strategy, “With more focus will come a greater ability to identify the areas needing improvement, which leads to greater success. Stores that consistently meet their grand opening goals are more successful in the long term. Helping Team Leaders lay the groundwork for long term success is the mission of the Rookie Camp Team.“

This new and concentrated layer of support brings real estate, recruiting, operations and marketing together under one umbrella. From the day a new Team Leader signs until the store’s first anniversary, the store will receive individualized and focused Grand Opening support from this specialized team. Existing Team Leaders opening subsequent stores may find they need less time under the team’s guidance, having gone through the process before.

Jeff Deraway, Rookie Camp Director explains, “I liken this new cross-functional team to something of a SWAT team for grand openings. We help execute the initial processes on the field to lay a solid foundation for a store’s success. Team Leaders will see an increase in visits from coaches and more one-on-one coaching. We can offer more individualized support during the critical grand opening process.”

More intensive grand opening support can also translate into quicker turnaround times for opening multiple stores. The faster a store is self-sustaining and generating revenue, the sooner a Team Leader can scale their investment. Helping existing Team Leaders expand and reach their ultimate goals is the top priority for Sport Clips.

Deraway says, “We are constantly working to improve our processes to help Team Leaders be successful. That is our number one goal. This restructure allows us to fine tune our grand opening process and gives us the ability to be more proactive in addressing their unique needs.”

Deraway concludes, “There are three ingredients to a successful grand opening: staffing, training and marketing. We now have all those resources in one dedicated team with one simple goal: a store’s successful rookie year.”

For more information on this or the other support structures Sport Clips offers Team Leaders, click here.