Meet Sport Clips Haircuts Newest Team Leaders in Miami: Shayne and Larissa Malone

Already successful entrepreneurs and professionals, Shayne and Larissa Malone realized the next step to reach their long term personal and financial goals was to diversify their investments. However, not wanting to start from ground zero, they turned to franchising and began to look for a proven business model with well-developed systems in place.

Larissa explains, “We know how hard it is to create something from nothing. We did not want to reinvent the wheel. We didn’t want to have to figure it out all by ourselves. We wanted to go into business for ourselves but not by ourselves.”

As they narrowed down their search, they soon realized a semi-absentee business model was best suited for their goals. Shayne says, “We quickly ruled out the food industry because of the high overhead and paper costs. We found the haircutting industry to be more straightforward and aligned with the type of commitment we were seeking. It also has a recurring demand, making it better able to withstand the macroeconomic ups and downs many other industries face.”

Of their search, Larissa adds, “We kept hearing about Sport Clips everywhere we turned, from Pandora to Facebook to local media. The brand’s national marketing campaign was well targeted and really stood out above the rest. We found the brand to be fun and engaging and well positioned for significant growth. Our interest was piqued.”

Shayne continues, “The more we looked into the brand, the more excited we got. Finding a business model that will give us the ability to scale up was very important. The Sport Clips model, with its manager structure and commitment to responsible growth, is designed with multi-unit ownership in mind.”

Larissa goes on to say, “We also appreciated that they are not trying to be everything to everyone. They have their niche and they are committed to consistently delivering that championship experience people have come to expect from the brand.”

The Malones are looking forward to the opening of their first store in 2018, having secured a lease, and are currently in the process of building out the site. So far, they have found the Team Leader Training and support teams to be top notch. Larissa comments, “We appreciate that we can rely on Sport Clips and their proven model and systems to help with the learning curve. Everything has gone so smoothly and they are very thorough.”

The Malones are focused on the big picture. Already setting their sights on multi-unit ownership, their 2018 grand opening will no doubt be the first of many. Both strong entrepreneurs, together they make a dynamic team. With experience in management, the Malones are looking forward to developing their team and enhancing their stylists’ careers, as well as their clients’ experiences. Shayne has a keen understanding of his area’s real estate market and business climate, which will be an asset as they expand. Larissa brings with her marketing expertise, which will prove invaluable. Their complementary skill sets and professional experience will transfer well to their new roles as Team Leaders.

They have some advice for someone considering making the jump into franchise ownership: “Clearly define your goals and what you want out of the venture. If you have a clear picture of those, then you will know the right opportunity when you see it. Because we defined our end game, we knew the Sport Clips offering was the right fit right away. We felt it in our gut, it was that clear.”

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