Marian Young: Sport Clips Preferred Vendor Offers Her Vast Expertise to Benefit Team Leaders

Over the years, Marian Young has developed an in-depth understanding of the unique lease contract needs of Sport Clips Haircuts stores. This understanding, combined with her strong negotiation skills, has helped Sport Clips Team Leaders negotiate more than 2,200 leases and lease renewals in her more than two decades working with the brand.

Young is owner and President of Millennium Management Group. She lends her expertise in the areas of retail leases, renewals and resales as a Real Estate Consultant and preferred vendor for Sport Clips.

Of her relationship with Sport Clips she says, “Most franchisors don’t have preferred vendors. This is a Sport Clips differentiator, they give their Team Leaders a resource for anything and everything they would need to operate their business successfully. They don’t need to search for anything.”

She described her decision to work almost exclusively with the brand as an easy one. Young says, “Sport Clips’ values, ethics and morals really stood out to me. They are a company that truly lives out their mission statement. Not all franchisors are that way.”

Landlords seem to agree with her. Young finds them usually very eager to work with the Sport Clips Team Leaders for several reasons.

She says, “Sport Clips’ exceptionally high continuity rate is rare. The brand has a reputation of being reliable with paying their rent. It is a family-oriented business, attracting high quality business for a center. They also drive in more male customers, and they do not have exclusive use clauses like many other hair-cutting franchises do. They are great tenants overall.”

Young leverages her expertise, long term relationships with various developers and her extensive industry experience negotiating leases. Her professional experience on both sides of the tenant/landlord table gives her a keen understanding of the process, particularly when it comes to timing and lease language.

This acumen, in tandem with her knowledge of Sport Clips’ operations, helps her negotiate terms to maximize store revenue for Team Leaders.

Young explains, “There are certain things you need to make sure are written into the lease. Some examples of this are being able to put up satellite dishes and acrylic window signs. Often lease language restricts those and they need to be negotiated. Another really important thing is for a site to have the ability to follow the brand’s suggested operating hours, not the shopping centers. I look at those types of things to make sure Team Leaders can follow the system without any lease restrictions, because when they follow the system they are successful. I want them to be successful. ”

She continues, “Landlords don’t always have the interest of the franchisee at heart; they are concerned about their bottom line. A lot of times they will buy out centers from other landlords and they aren’t even aware of what their leases require. For this reason, a broker who understands the Sport Clips business model is so important.”

The Sport Clips business model is proven and tested. Young is an example of how the brand strives to provide all the resources needed to run a successful business. Starting with real estate and all the way through scaling your business, Sport Clips works diligently to provide support and resources that benefit their Team Leaders.

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