Dispelling 5 Big Myths About Joining the Sport Clips Franchisee Family

Sport Clips is proud to be a leading haircare franchise company all throughout the company. But as any celebrity can attest, once you get large and popular enough, people start making rumors about you and spreading misinformation, even if they don’t mean to do so. This can be a problem for people who want to join the Sport Clips family as a franchisee, as they might inadvertently base their decision to join or not on wrong information or half-truths.

To help potential franchisees with their decision, here are 5 of the most common rumors about becoming a Sport Clips franchise debunked:

  1. Franchisees have to be skilled hairstylists.
    In order to become a franchisee – or a Team Leader as we like to call them – you do not need to actually be a hairstylist or have owned a barbershop in the past. In fact, it is quite rare for a Team Leader to conduct any sort of haircare service. Instead, you will need to be a people person, a good manager, and have a sound mind for business. If you are franchising correctly, you will be able to hire reliable Stylists for your location who will do all the haircutting for you.
  2. If your town has a barber, people won’t want to come to Sport Clips.
    Franchising with Sport Clips is all about giving people a unique experience, not necessarily giving them a haircut. When setting up a new location, Sport Clips corporate headquarters helps franchisees with marketing to get the word spread that there is a new haircut place in town, and that it is worth checking out. Also, we have a dedicated Real Estate team that spends their hours looking for ideal franchise locations based on population, preexisting competitors, and so on.
  3. Sport Clips is the “Hooters” restaurant of the haircutting world.
    A top priority at Sport Clips is creating a haircutting environment that is friendly for the whole family, and we would never put the focus of our service on our Stylists’ own appearances. We take pride in our work and treating our team members with utmost respect. It is also noteworthy that we require franchise locations to not display any Swimsuit Editions of Sports Illustrated™ in the waiting room.
  4. Opening a Sport Clips means being stuck inside the back of a haircutting salon all day.
    Team Leaders who effectively run their stores generally spend just a few hours each day there to check on operations and speak with team members. The rest of their day should be spent coming up with better ways to improve the customer experience and run a Sport Clips. Brainstorming these ideas is often easiest outside, at-home, or with fun team discussions. You should not feel trapped in an office.
  5. Only veteran entrepreneurs can become Sport Clips franchisees.
    At Sport Clips, we are proud to be able to say we make it easy for just about anyone to become a franchisee. We have created and constantly improve our corporate office and support systems for franchisees, new and experienced. When all of the steps are followed correctly and in the right order, someone brand new to business could become a Sport Clips superstar.

Want to know more about becoming a Sport Clips franchisee and dispelling the rumors about the role? You can click here to view a whole article posted by 1851, a popular online publication focused on franchise companies and related news stories. Inquiring parties can also request more information from our corporate haircutting franchise opportunity office, or may want to review the available markets.