Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner: Don't You Need a Haircut?

Mother’s Day is upon us and many men will be spending time with their mom this weekend. Chances are they have given some thought to their appearance beforehand. Men’s hair salons, like Sport Clips, usually see an increase in business leading up to Mother’s Day, with guys of all ages wanting to look their best for mom.

Mother’s Day is not the only time of the year these salons will see an uptick in business. Typically a surge can be seen the week before any event where men tend to see their mothers: Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Throw in graduations and back-to-school, and there never is really a down season in a haircutting franchise.

Haircuts can’t be outsourced and few worry about a machine replacing the personal touch they receive from a stylist anytime soon. Haircutting is also considered to be relatively resistant to economic conditions. When tough times cause consumers to pull back from eating out and discretionary personal services, haircuts continue.

The permanence of haircutting also gets a nod in pop culture. For example, in The Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic portrayal of a world taken over by zombies, iconic lead character Rick Grimes gets a haircut to show he has reentered what is left of civilization. “Haircuts were never going away,” explains Jessie, his ill-fated stylist.

Winter, summer, spring or fall; good economy or bad; hair continues to grow. In fact, hair care represents a $65 billion industry, and Sport Clips zeros in on its most efficient segment. Male cuts are quicker and less complicated than their female counterparts, styles change less frequently, and revenues are more recurrent as men typically return every three to four weeks. Best of all, once customers find a stylist they like, loyalty inspires repeat business.

Whether it is Mother’s Day, a big interview, or even date night, men will put “get a haircut” on their to-do list. Haircuts are an essential service, and the demand for a salon tailored to this underserved male niche has only been increasing. With Sport Clips’ mature store sales growth increasing by six to 10 percent annually over the last five years, which is considerably faster than any other major haircare chain, it has never been a better time to be an owner. For more information on becoming an owner of a proven business model in a nearly recession-proof industry, click here.