Meet Our Sport Clips Team Leader in California: Ken and Claudia Trimmer

Over the past 20 plus years, Ken and Claudia Trimmer have enjoyed business success in both insurance and property management. Recently, they started to look toward retirement and an exit strategy from their day jobs. With many offers over the years to purchase their insurance agency, the Trimmers began to think about long term financial and lifestyle goals and eventual transition into retirement. Having their assets concentrated in three areas: the insurance agency, real estate and the stock market, they decided their next move should be to diversify their investment portfolio. After much research and consideration, they decided to invest in a Sport Clips franchised business.

It didn’t take long for them to narrow down their choices to the hair care sector. While neither Ken nor Claudia had any experience in the industry, they saw many similarities between their insurance and property management businesses and owning a salon. Ken puts it this way, “Turnover is expensive, especially in the property management business. It is important to maintain long term relationships with tenants. And insurance is about the residuals and developing long-term relationships with your clients. Take care of your clients, and they will be with you for years. Most importantly, it is about investing in relationships and establishing a level of comfort with each client, much the same with a person’s relationship with a salon.”

The Trimmers viewed the recruitment and retention of quality managers and employees as an element of success in a salon just as it had been in their other businesses. The semi-absentee business model of a salon is such that the owner hires a manager who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the location, freeing the owner to concentrate on marketing the business and even manage multiple locations. This is something the Trimmers were comfortable with and had great success with in their years as business owners. They quickly realized the growth potential with such a business model was tremendous. With experience as business owners, they already felt comfortable with local marketing and liked the idea of coming under an already recognized brand. They knew investing in a haircutting franchise was their next entrepreneurial step.

Once decided on the type of franchise they wanted to pursue, the Trimmers began to look at three well-known brands, one of them being Sport Clips. To get to know the brand, Ken began getting his haircut at various Sport Clips locations around his area. “I was impressed with the consistency and quality of care I experienced between the locations. No matter where I went I got great service.” And as they went further along in the vetting process with all three brands, Ken said he just got a better feel from Sport Clips. “The values and team culture were more aligned with what we envisioned for the direction we wanted to take.”

In addition to the team culture and values which are central to Sport Clips, what also stood out was its unparalleled support and training systems, established marketing programs and widespread brand recognition. All these elements combined with the semi-absentee business model provide a path for establishing the balance in life that led the Trimmers to invest in a franchise in the first place.

Ken and Claudia Trimmer are looking forward to their first Sport Clips location and have committed to developing at least two additional locations to follow. They are building a business that will offer them the flexibility and financial freedom for their future. While they are not selling their other businesses just yet, they are well on their way to the retirement they have envisioned. With the consistently high franchisee satisfaction rates Sport Clips franchisees report, it is clear that it is good to be an owner! Read about the success other franchisees have experienced in creating a work life balance here.

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