Meet our Sport Clips Team Leader in New Jersey: Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray is one of Sport Clips’ newest franchisees. Ashley and her husband, Chuck, already own and operate a Primrose School franchise, a leader in the preschool and childcare industry, in Mountainside, NJ. However, like several other franchisees in the Sport Clips network, Ashley and Chuck decided their best option was to diversify their holdings by investing in a second franchised brand. After considering their options, they decided on Sport Clips.

Ashley’s pursuit of financial freedom goes back before she ever stepped into the world of franchising. Ashley and her husband both hold advanced degrees from well-respected institutions and had lucrative careers in the finance industry. After a national financial crisis and witnessing several rounds of industry-wide layoffs, they began to feel an unsettling level of insecurity. They wanted to build their investments and secure a financial future that was independent of the temperamental fiscal markets and economic events. They wanted more control over their financial destiny.

Ashley knew she wanted to go into business for herself. She also knew she wanted to provide worthwhile value and experience driven services to her community. While both she and Chuck each possess an entrepreneurial spirit, neither one of them wanted to reinvent the wheel. Franchising, with its proven track record and the built-in support systems, became ideal for their goals. At the time they first began their exploration of franchise models, Ashley was ready to switch gears and leave her job as a finance attorney and replace her income with money generated through a new business endeavor. The couple was also simultaneously expanding their family.

While they considered Sport Clips as an option, they decided a business model that leaned more toward an owner/operator structure would better meet their family and financial needs at the time. They found success in their choice and will soon be expanding into their second Primrose School location to be built in 2020. However, their initial exploration into the Sport Clips franchise opportunity and its semi-absentee business owner model struck a chord and they knew they would like to re-investigate the idea in the future when the timing was right.

That time eventually came when the Grays, now a family of four, decided they were ready to continue with their investment diversification strategy. They wanted to invest in a concept that aligned with their values and goals. With their Primrose School operation, they had become ingrained in their community. They wanted to continue to provide a service that created a positive experience for the customers and added value to the community. They immediately thought of Sport Clips. With Sport Clips’ value driven culture and commitment to doing the right thing, the Grays knew this was just the company they wanted to work with for their next investment.

What really struck Ashley about Sport Clips was that it is “made up of a staff of people who are always looking to better themselves and the way they do things. They are constantly looking to learn and find ways to better engage. Sport Clips has a phenomenal team who understands the decisions they make on a corporate level affect their franchisees’ bottom line. They truly value people. That was a deciding factor in us choosing to move forward with them.” Ashely also noted that the value of investing in Sport Clips became apparent when she viewed it from her perspective as a mother, having taken her own young son in for a haircut. She saw first-hand what a positive experience each store strives to create for its customers. She wanted to help other moms by creating a stress-free, fun haircut for young boys and men. And she saw a need for this in her community, which further solidified her decision to become an owner.

The Grays are in a much different place than when they first began their exploration into franchising. They are no longer feeling plagued by the worry of a financial future that was out of their control because it was dependent on so many outside forces. They decided to take control and haven’t looked back since. With diversified investments they are able to create a path to financial and personal freedoms they had dreamed about all those years ago.

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