Emerging Market Opportunities

Emerging markets can be tough. One of the greatest benefits of investing in a franchise is that you are investing in a well-known and established brand. But what if that brand isn’t as well established in your area of interest as it is in other parts of the country? Are there additional challenges to be considered? Are there additional opportunities as well? Do the other benefits a franchisee receives from the franchisor outweigh the challenges associated with building brand recognition in an under-served market?

Jim and Kim Noah recently had the challenge (and opportunity) to bring the Sport Clips brand into the Southern Oregon market. With more than 1,600 stores operating nationally, Sport Clips is clearly a nationally recognized brand, but in Southern Oregon and other parts of the country where opportunities are still available, it is not as well recognized as it is in its home state of Texas, for example. In this article on 1851 Franchise, Jim and Kim discuss their experience, the support they received from Sport Clips, and the excitement they derive from being pioneers in a new market.

Many of the opportunities with Sport Clips today are in emerging markets like Southern Oregon. These areas like New York, New England, Michigan and Northern California represent great opportunities not only for the Sport Clips brand, but also for hungry entrepreneurs looking to begin building their own franchise empire.

Being a pioneer may not be for everyone, we get that. However, many of the pioneers in our most established markets like Houston, Maryland, Nashville and Chicago are glad they took the chance when they did. Franchise opportunities with Sport Clips are no longer available in those markets and getting in on the ground floor gave them the opportunity to help establish the Sport Clips brand in their respective markets and reap the benefits as the brand grew around them. We whole-heartedly thank them for their contributions to the Sport Clips network and look forward to meeting their counterparts in the emerging markets identified above.

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