Meet Our Sport Clips Team Leaders in the Pacific Northwest: Carolyn and Don Funk

Carolyn Funk and her family enjoy travelling together and finding new adventures. With two of their four children born in Vietnam, the family spends a great deal of time there, sharing their love of the country that has captured their hearts. From motorcycle trips to organizing tours of Vietnam to adventure races around the world, the Funk family goes all out. Carolyn and her husband, Don, realized they wanted to devote more time to their passions, so they took steps toward designing a life that would allow for more adventure.

For many years, Carolyn worked as a construction estimator, while Don has worked in IT for more than 26 years. Carolyn comments, “Working in the corporate world has been stressful. We started to think about our exit strategy from our day jobs. We wanted to make our own hours and have more control.”

Their first business idea was to start a wasabi farm. After much research, they soon realized the wasabi growing industry was not organized enough for them to feel comfortable as an investment. Taking that idea off the table, they reached out to a franchise consultant who presented them with three very different business models.

The first business option they examined was a cleaning company. As a franchise that relied heavily on individual marketing efforts, it did not appeal to Carolyn, who preferred a brand that already had some recognition. The other two options came down to a martial arts studio and Sport Clips Haircuts.

“While martial arts appeals to a lot of people,” explains Carolyn “haircuts are a necessity. Seeing it from that perspective made the decision between the two no contest.”

The Funks signed on to be franchisees with Sport Clips and quickly found themselves part of a network that provided them a level of support that exceeded their expectations.

The Browns, our Area Developers for the Pacific Northwest, have been there through the entire process,” Carolyn says. “It can be overwhelming alone, and we are very lucky to have such great support by our side. Phil and Laurie are always very available to us. We have no experience in the salon industry, and they walk us through everything.”

With one successful store opening under her belt, the Funks are narrowing down the location site for their second store. When asked what advice Carolyn has for someone considering opening their own Sport Clips franchise, she says, "It’s important to get to know the people who work for you.

“Everyone is motivated by something different,” states Carolyn, “and taking the time to learn what that is for each of your Stylists is invaluable.”

Carolyn also adds, “This process has been a journey. We have found success by following the system Sport Clips has established. The company’s core values are very important. It’s about putting the Client first.”

The path to creating more personal and financial freedom has put the Funks on one of their greatest adventures, now as Sport Clips franchisees. As they continue to grow their business, the couple is closer to early retirement and a lifestyle that will let them take the important step toward new adventures.

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