Meet Sport Clips Haircuts' Newest Team Leaders in Central California: Mother and Daughter Team Marvel and Kari Hasbun Carry on Patriarch's Entrepreneurial Legacy

As a young man, Mr. Hasbun came to the U.S. from El Salvador with only $100 in his pocket. With hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, he found success in various businesses, including general contracting, scrap metal and ultimately in composting and a vineyard. He recently passed away, and his widow, Marvel, and daughter, Kari, were left in charge of his estate. Wanting to honor his entrepreneurial legacy, the women began exploring different investment options.

While he was a very successful man, Mr. Hasbun also failed many times when starting out in business. Learning from his experience, Marvel and Kari wanted to avoid the same pitfalls the patriarch encountered by going into a business backed by the support of a proven franchise system. Kari says, “After we found the Sport Clips’ offering, we asked ourselves why we hadn’t found this opportunity earlier. It checked all the boxes for us and aligned perfectly with our experience. Our only explanation is that Dad guided us to it.”

Both women have previous experience in the haircutting industry. Now retired, Marvel spent her career as a cosmetology instructor. Kari became one of her students, being accepted early into the cosmetology program before she even graduated from high school. Kari then went on to cut hair in a San Francisco suburb in the 1980s. “I worked in a salon catering to women. I found there was a lot more work with chemicals and typically appointments took longer than when dealing with men,” Kari explains. “If there had been a salon concept focused on men back then, such as Sport Clips, I may have stayed in the industry longer.” Instead Kari went on to pursue a degree in nursing, and she now works as a charge nurse.

When the opportunity to invest presented itself, Marvel and Kari began to think about their personal and financial goals. After many discussions, they both decided that they wanted to do something together and that it should be something they really believed in.

Each woman had very specific goals and criteria a potential investment would have to address. Marvel, recently widowed and having been retired for many years was looking a project that would get her out of the house, but offered flexibility. On the other hand, Kari knew she would eventually like to transition out of her nursing job. She was looking for something they could build now that would one day provide a more flexible lifestyle.

Together they explored a few options, but when they found Sport Clips, Kari says, “The core values and culture really resonated with us. And, in speaking with many other franchisees in the network, they all said they would do it again. That spoke volumes to us.”

“We just knew this was for us, and we were eager to move forward,” adds Kari, “but we were urged to slow down and take our time.” The Sport Clips selection process is designed in a way to ensure prospective candidates, even the most eager, take their time, do their due diligence, and make sure the model is a good fit for them. Of the process, Marvel comments, “The entire selection process was very supportive and informative. We walked away feeling confident that this was right for us.”

With their combined experience and complementary skill sets, the Hasbuns are a dynamic team. They are currently in the process of selecting the site for their first store, and look forward to building and nurturing their team and delivering the level of experience Sport Clips Clients’ have come to expect from the brand.

Becoming Sport Clips Team Leaders is Marvel and Kari’s way of building onto the Hasbun entrepreneurial legacy. Kari says, “We feel confident in our investment in Sport Clips. The amazing support system, strong value system and proven business model are why we feel so confident.”

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