Matt Dauksa and Matt Champion: Bringing a Team Driven Focus to Upstate New York

Matt Dauksa and Matt Champion have worked together as a dynamic team for more than a decade building one of the top financial planning firms in the country. With more than 155 financial planners and 65 office staff, their roles as managing director and manager of financial services, respectively, have taught them a lot about people first leadership. They are now bringing this expertise to their new roles as Sport Clips Haircuts Team Leaders in the Upstate New York area.

Both Dauksza and Champion have been very successful in their careers. While they are a long way off from retirement age, they began to look for ways to leverage their assets to maximize income potential through diversification. Dauksza says, “We were not looking to reinvent the wheel. We were looking for a business model that was already established.”

Champion adds, “The semi-absentee business model really appealed to us. We liked the idea of low inventory as well. It’s not like a restaurant where inventory and paper costs are a big factor in your profitability.”

They found their experience and skills with managing a sales force translated well to the management run structure of the Sport Clips model. Champion puts it this way, “At the end of the day it is about offering superior customer service. The people first mentality is what it is all about. The team culture is where it starts.”

Finding the model to be a good fit, they also found the Upstate New York market to have opportunity. Mark Nimmo, Area Director for this market says, “There is so much opportunity here, and brand recognition is solid. National branding and the quality reputation of the stores already established here contribute to this strong presence in this widely untapped area.”

Dauksza also observes, “Sports are a big deal in this area. Syracuse draws a huge college sports following. The strong fan culture makes this an ideal market for operating a Sport Clips.”

Dauksza and Champion are currently in the build out phase of their first store, with a soft opening slated for later this year. “The process has been seamless so far. The step by step checklist provided by Sport Clips has been incredibly helpful. And we have found the support systems very responsive,” says Dauksza.

Champion agrees, “The entire network has been very supportive, from training camp to our Area Director Mark Nimmo and the Real Estate Director for the area, Joel Richman, to the other franchisees we have reached out to for advice. It is a team environment.”

Nimmo cites the team’s people first mentality and commitment to delivering superior customer service, as key factors to why this model is a good fit for the duo. “We’re not just about haircuts, but a quality experience in a sports environment. Success comes when the people part of the equation is hitting on all cylinders.”

Dauksza and Champion are building a foundation to reach the personal and financial goals they set out to achieve by building equity and diversifying their income streams. Their experience in managing a team, the scalability of the business model and the untapped market of Upstate New York all factor into an equation that offers growth potential not only for the pair, but also for the Sport Clips brand.

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