Emmett Kane: How One Franchisee Is Making A Difference In The Health Of His Community

Part of what makes the Sport Clips Haircuts network so dynamic is its franchisees (Team Leaders). Our Team Leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds before they make the investment in ownership. Each individual brings something unique that adds value to the entire system. Emmett Kane, owner of the Sport Clips in Coventry, Rhode Island, is a prime example of someone living out theSport Clips culture in a way that has a tremendous impact on their community.

Prior to investing in Sport Clips, Kane enjoyed a very successful career as a healthcare executive and consultant. His decision to become a Team Leader was based on his desire to diversify his assets and income beyond his investments at the time.

Bringing this health care perspective with him, he took advantage of the Skinny on Skin program created by the Melanoma Foundation of New England. Sport Clips is working with the foundation to implement the Skinny on Skin program in its stores around the country, and Kane was one of the first to start the program in his stores, and to make it a requirement for his Stylists. Kane saw a way to make a difference and improve the quality of life for his guests, while at the same time offering a development opportunity for his Team Members.

“The head and scalp are areas where suspicious moles are most likely to go unnoticed,” Kane said. “Stylists get up close and personal with guests' skin every day and are in a position to notice potential problems in areas where the guest or even their personal network may never see.”

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Because early detection is so crucial to increasing survival rates of this deadly disease, Kane realized his Stylists were at a unique advantage to help detect early warning signs of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. “Maybe 99 out of 100 times it’s nothing,” says Kane. “But that one time could save someone’s life.”

Through the Skinny on Skin training program, salon professionals are taught how to spot signs of skin cancer and melanoma on guests’ necks and scalps. The program offers Stylists tools on how to not only to detect early warning signs but also tools on how to discuss their observations with the guest in an appropriate and non-alarming way. Because people often visit a salon more often than they visit their doctor, and Stylists are working up close with personally hard to see areas, this partnership makes sense.

Kane’s healthcare industry experience and his willingness to look for ways to improve the quality of his guests’ life brought about action that could save lives. Still in the early stages, this certification has great potential to help many and Sport Clips is training more and more Stylists on the Skinny on Skin program nationwide.

As the Sport Clips brand continues to be one of the fastest growing, the core of its network is further strengthened by its dynamic Team Leaders. Kane identified and seized an opportunity to make a difference and he is a prime example of living out the value system that is at the core of Sport Clips.