New Sport Clips Team Leaders Rafael Falcon and Darren Molles Build a Family Legacy

While out to dinner celebrating a family member’s birthday, Darren Molles posed a question to his son-in-law, Rafael Falcon. He asked, “If we were to, right now, invest in a business together, what would it be?” Without hesitation, Falcon answered, “Sport Clips.”

Already considering investing, Falcon had done some research and had evaluated a variety of business models. He felt confident the Sport Clips Haircuts offering provided what his family was looking for in an opportunity.

Falcon says, “I had already ruled out quick service restaurants. The owner-operator business model is not a good fit for either of us. The food industry is well saturated and there is a lot of competition. Not to mention all the additional costs, such as paper products and extensive build-outs.”

Falcon and Molles both have successful careers in their respective industries. Falcon is a regional sales manager for a national corporation, and Molles owns a couple of renovation companies. Both were looking for an investment that would allow them to maintain their current jobs, while building a family business together. A semi-absentee business model fit their personal and financial goals.

Continuing his search, Falcon says, “I also looked into a home restoration type franchise. This is my father-in-law’s area of expertise, but we both agreed the opportunity didn’t feel right. They wanted all our money upfront without giving us a clear picture of the business model.”

Molles agrees, “Sport Clips' Discovery Process was different from the beginning. It was very transparent. They provided online discovery modules that were very instructional. The vetting process is highly selective. They are looking for people who are the right fit to invest, not just anyone who will give them money.”

Falcon adds, “We felt right about the people and attitudes we encountered. We were given quality, upfront information. They walked us through the business model and operations.”

Molles and Falcon quickly found alignment with the company’s values as well, something important to them as they were working to build a family legacy of business ownership. Molles says, “Sport Clips embodies its core values of 'Do what’s right. Do what’s best. Treat people the way they want to be treated.' Those values resonate with our family.”

After completing the discovery process, the family agreed becoming Sport Clips Team Leaders was the right fit for them. They felt this offering would allow them to meet their investing objectives of diversifying their holdings, creating family wealth and a legacy.

Falcon says, “We look forward to having the opportunity to lead, coach and mentor our own team to see them succeed and provide for themselves through a servant leadership style. Sport Clips lays the foundation for this. It all comes back to people first.”

Molles adds, “We appreciate that we will be in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. We are not in this alone, we have the support of a proven system.”

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